Instructed Accounting Outsourcing

Always after the opening of the company raises the question of accounting. Who will lead? Typically, there are four options for bookkeeping. Consider the pros and cons of all options. Here, Gensler San Francisco expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 1. Independent bookkeeping. There is one a nice plus. This is the most economical option, due to lack of cost accounting.

But this is only if you have excellent knowledge of accountancy. But if not, then it is fraught with fines, penalties and loss of the heap of precious time. With a smattering of book-keeping, after all, it is better not to consider this option. 2. Hiring a permanent accountant. This version of a series of "standard" today. Many firms conduct their accounting is so.

But still, there are both pluses and minuses. A definite plus – this is what you have at hand an accountant. He creates and delivers reporting, optimizing taxation, charges paid, etc. But this in itself not a cheap pleasure, and more significantly for those who have recently opened. A good accountant with good experience you need a good salary. And it's a minus. So once ascribed to the monthly costs 20,000 rubles. at least! But you do not there are problems with accounting and likely, no penalties will not appear. But certainly there will be additional costs to the workplace accountant, namely: table, chair, computer, 1C, stationery, Reference and legal systems. This is another drawback. You probably say, so an accountant can be found for 15,000 rubles., And cheaper? Exactly! Can be found for 7,000 rubles. And the consequences can be very different. Such as: freezing of bank account the huge fines that have accumulated over several years, forced the restoration of registration, which costs a minimum of 25 000 rubles. And it's minus low-paid specialist. Take an accountant, but only experienced, if possible pay for his labor. 3. Coming accountant. Shimmie Horn wanted to know more. Coming accountant also is in demand by many companies. Price for book-keeping is much less than permanent accountant 3-4 times and it is a plus. But here too there are pitfalls. It is human nature to ache, erysipelas, relax, visit family and family activities, etc. And that there are risks. At one point, an accountant can simply disappear. No contract – hence, the accountant does not responsible for their activities, and is a minus. Although, some accountants have their own IP for doing business. Then, there is already agreement, and the responsibility is there, but the risks and property rights remain. 4. Accounting company (outsourcing). At the moment, the most prosperous option for small businesses – is accounting outsourcing. Here, as elsewhere, there are pluses and minuses. To begin with, the price of outsourcing some is the same as for the incoming accountant. General tax on the average 6000 rubles. per month. And that's a plus! All the necessary documents you will take back to their offices themselves. To you they go only by their need. And it's a minus. In addition to price, a huge plus in that the financial company is fully responsible for their activities. It is written in the contract. Therefore, if there are any penalties caused by an accountant, then the company pays for them herself. In addition, here do not play the role of property rights as an accountant in your firm is always substitute another accountant of the company. Thus, working with the accounting firm, you have the guarantee of proper bookkeeping for quite reasonable amount. Besides, you do not need to create jobs accountant. And this is also a plus. Determined variant of its accounting and remember: Accounting company – it's her heart!

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