This promises to consider the student in its entirety, as an emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social, bodily and spiritual, none of these six dimensions may be stolen from the educational process without seriously impacting the integral formation of the student mentioned in our Constitution. When we do not consider the emotional dimension of student we are reducing it to something similar to a computer, to an entity without human sensitivity, we deshumanizamos and reducing education to a technical training, we do not prepare him for life. When we don’t consider moral-espiritual development, we reduce the human being to a machine, when education does not take into account the meaning of the ultimate and the nature of being as love, humility, fraternity, kindness, compassion, cooperation, etc., We are forming a predatory consciousness of life, a student ready for fincar its success on the failure of others, alien to human solidarity and social justice. Meaningful learning holistic means the development of six human dimensions, the spiritual sense of being. The depths must be at the Centre for depth to the parties. Holistic for 21st century education is a process of evolution of consciousness.

The primary objective of education in the new century is to be the conduit through which human consciousness to evolve towards greater integrity, understanding and complexity stadiums, this means a paradigm shift going from typical instrumental rationality of the 19th and 20th century training to the evolution of the typical 21st century awareness. In the first case the education is interested in a one-dimensional development of humans, is only interested in instrumental rationality to operate in industrial societies, their model is the robot-hombre, a partial and technical training with little social vision integral. Here, education is reduced to statement. In the second case, only the instrumental rationality training is a part of the educational objective, here the vision is wide and develops a vision of the world of high-level, from which humans can operate on the world with responsibility, sustainability, morality and intelligence.

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