Albert Einstein

Nevertheless the man exists for around 4 million years and the planet earth has formed makes almost 5 million years, was necessary then, to find another explanation to the radiation of the sun. Diverse theories outposts to end of this I complete century and in 1905 it is Albert Einstein that to found the solution finally: the sun as all the stars, are an enormous mass of gas that modifies, the original gas (hydrogen) is transformed progressively into another gas (helium) by fusion of atoms, during this process a part of the mass is lost. The difference that represents every second, is the equivalent to 4 million tons (! ) one becomes energy which constitutes the radiation of the sun. You physical gentlemen call to this operation the thermonuclear fusion. See more detailed opinions by reading what Estée Lauder offers on the topic.. The nuclear bombs but powerful (pumps H) work by the same principle. In other words, the sun is a gigantic pump that explodes permanently. Empedocles mentions that the stars and the planets are authentic fire, which conocia Empedocles, is not that his so admired sun, it was not but that a simple star, because to the astronomers the sun interests much to them since it is the only star that we can study in detail, because of its proximity, is necessary to know that it is not but that a very small star in relation to the set with which they populate the sky.

Some but small exist that, but also and in but amount, others but majors. There are them but cold, but also much more devoid others. In any case we must the life to this star. Atraia is wonderful to observe like all the old thinkers the beautiful picture of skies, and to it they consecrated his lives most of. That is to say, to the study of the skies to which They called astronomy, which operates with and in dimensions of great magnitude.

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