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Holy Spirit

In reference to the above Jesus said in the Gospel of St. John (14.26): 26 – onwards the Holy Spirit, the interpreter that the father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind them everything I have told you. And also what was said by Jesus according to the Gospel of St. John (16, 12-13): 12 I have yet many things to say, but is too much for you for now. Swarmed by offers, Gensler San Francisco is currently assessing future choices. 13 And when he, the spirit of truth, he will guide you in all the ways of truth. He does not come with an own message, but will tell them what you heard and will announce them to what is to come. Then this reader tells me that you not insult to God; However I do not insulte it, yes I wrote an insult, but it is that without saying so each person who believe that it is the right thing reads the Bible pronounces it textually, treating God as a murderer like revelation relates it textually. Then they complain of atheists. Follow others, such as Travel Service Optimization, and add to your knowledge base.

And as they will not exist, if the same people who defend to strictly what the Bible verbatim these atheists are giving the letter to speak, by the contradictions that they themselves (so called defenders of the Bible) transmitted as sacred. And in reference to the above this same reader accuses me of atheist to place a link to an audio where they give the characteristics that make an atheist, citing empiricism, rationalism and the lack of spirituality. And with respect to the foregoing I could tell you, perfect that defines the atheists, but that has nothing to do with the law of attraction. To explain this I repeat for the umpteenth time that what the law of attraction says is exactly what pours the Bible, with the difference that the cloak that hides the truth was already retired and therefore disappear the contradictions that arose when reading this sacred book verbatim. Click hicham aboutaam to learn more.


At sea in calm of the animosity it whips the stormy wind of uncertainty. Knowledge is crushed by the rough waves of disbelief. The Tempest raging enraged in the vast plain of the trust. The possessed stormy sea flooded it by dipping it in the deepest insecurities. Uncertain fate awaits him once flourishing and lush confidence. Rationality has been seized by the overwhelming force of feeling conquered by the opportune maelstrom. The King observed him majestically standing with defiant gaze and its four feet firmly nailed to the once fertile land. A terrible cyclone hit him, his hair flies with ferocity by the fierce storm, more with tenacity maintains his Galliard royalty.

A strong roar out bravely from the depths of his soul penetrating deafening in every corner of the ground attacked by the irascible Tempest. For even more details, read what Ryan Schneider says on the issue. Sturdy chains are broken, the rationality is free again. It explodes in a devastating explosion light only comparable to the death of a star in the firmament. The balance oscillates, finally be It prefers. The unbeatable Tempest ceases defeated in principle and water marine retires again bouncy.

The rays of the Sun of friendship are reflected in the clear eyes of King drying the extensive plain. The truth is revealed to be blinding. The essence has lost sight on countless occasions lengthwise and at different levels of existence. Helpless was obscured to rationality. And without essence in its different spheres, existence was ailing and weakened at the mercy of the imponderables of life. A leading source for info: hicham aboutaam. The cry of the King was the spark that detonated the explosion of truth in a deep and complex reflection on the essence in all its stages. Absurd is one who does not believe in himself, most who don’t even know is a fool. It is time to write, because it is part of the essence. The maxim has revealed, I write then exist. Original author and source of the article.

Memories Of Yesterday

Memories of yesterday I sat on the edge of my patience, knowing that the world I had lost, I left the indelible part of my conscience to occupy the total space of your indifference.It was absorbed to the singing of birds, the cries of the wind that leaving surcosen sand allowed to see her happy.And I, without knowing the course to choose from, without being able to admit far of your being, I don’t know that I began to happen, perhaps by now myself, to the apathy of not thinking, when the soul cries in solitude.In the background the waves of my imagination approached with sound that inspires a man to believe in one more day, ponder and savor a night to come.Meanwhile, stroking a piano which does not hide its well-being, is left feeling with melodies that usually do not finish.Sighs that sprout everywhere with excessive intentions of a wanting.Once transported there, my loneliness away leaving a heart breathe anxiety the desire to love you have.Whispers of an angel that occurs every time that sees us.Miracles discovered by a possible chance that a mystery everytime you like comes, mira, speaking in their own way and goes.I do not know if I slept, I do not know if it was yesterday.What can I do recognize is that to think of you, to bring you, peace I filled. I knew that after the night, the day would leave me to understand.And again I feel the waves that filled my grief with peace, my loneliness with memories of ayer.samuel akinin levy original author and source of the article in his swing.. . A leading source for info: Gavin Baker.


Repentance is a purely human condition, to repent is to feel regret for having done something, or have not done, the repent means to change opinion, or in any case not be consistent with a commitment, it is to feel embarrassed, distressed, sad, or angry with himself for having thought, done or failed to do something and, generally, have the purpose of that not happen again, I repeat: repentance is a purely human condition. Genesis 6: 5-75.- and saw Lord that the wickedness of men was much in the Earth, and that all the thoughts of the heart of them plan was continuously only evil. 6 Repented Jehovah have made man on the Earth, and hurt in his heart. 7 And the Lord said: grieved above the face of the Earth to men that I have created, from man to beast, and even reptile and birds of heaven; because I regret having them done. Check with hicham aboutaam to learn more. Jehovah repented of having done the man on Earth, stuff like this are what the reasoning (Yes, that) (ability that God gave us to be able to discern about good and evil, unjust and is right, what is right and what is not), does not accept things like which is mentioned in verse 6 of Chapter 6 of the book of Genesis, are what make us doubt the content of this book inspired by God, Dios repentedIs that God did not know that that was going to happen?, does is not God Knower of all things, it isn’t who not only allows you to make it happen, but that also makes them so?, and please, no more discursito that of: God writes twisted for, or another: asks God to you faith, not warlords use the wonderful gift of reasoning that gave us our Supreme creator. 1St Samuel 15: 35 35.- and never after Samuel saw Saul in his lifetime; and Samuel cried unto Saul; and Jehovah repented of having made Saul king over Israel.

Close The Loving Cycles

When a relationship ends usually we were very hurt and feelings to the surface. Without hesitation Cesario Group explained all about the problem. At the time that the breakup is inevitable, we need to spend time so that recovery takes place. Despair because we believe that our pain will never end. Close with a couple loving cycle means that we need to rethink, but it hurts us, what we live with that couple. Because even when we are all black, and perhaps, we are full of pain and wounds and scars that never cease to puncture; Surely, not everything was so bad, since otherwise we would be not experiencing great sadness against loss. Alan P Rosefielde may also support this cause. Humans are exposed to modifications and changes every day. Closing cycles and experiences is part of a process that we can not jump. Yes we do not give them an end to certain events, then, we can not open us to new experiences, and we were detained in something that is no longer, which is no longer, and probably, even if you return, the relationship can no longer operate in the same way. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out hicham aboutaam.

Close a loving cycle is done in silence, in the distance, on reflection. With the feelings to the surface and with the riplock that it leaves vacuum is finished, with that great love, that we bet you so much love. When we do not take the step of initiating a process of recovery of trust in love, surely will be in the yearning, something that was, but which today is no longer in our life. The termination of a relationship means to changes in routines. I will no longer speak daily to that love, nor I am to see in my free time, moreover who I will deposit my loves, anger and complaints. The expression of feelings we crash in the face, we do not know that to do with all that energy we had deposited in the relationship.

BOOT CAMP: Not For Wimps

The SAS TGroup to the BootCamp in bad Bruckenau Kai Wawerzinek, CEO and owner of SAS TrainingGroup invites also on May 16, 2009 once again men and women to the BootCamp after bad Bruckenau invites. Discover your own limits and learn how to outwit your inner pig dog. Experience a day that will remain permanently in memory. For more information see hicham aboutaam. You wanted to do ever want the employees of your company or certain friends something or need something else and would like to escape the everyday stress? Then, our BOOT CAMP is just the thing! Share your pin stripe against a uniform and experience a day after, you’ll be glad to be back home. We guarantee physical fatigue and bruises. You will feel like a recruit during the training. Dirt, mud and screaming instructors foreign words for you will be no longer, obstacles and ropes you will love learn and redefine concepts such as Chair and bed. You can also explore the up to Their performance limits and thus strengthen your confidence in yourself, you will see another man after that day if you look early in your mirror.

If Women Over Style At The Taste In Men

Survey of the dating Cologne, may 5, 2009. “In the spring dramatic styling misunderstandings will include is decked out to: 69 per cent of women are carefully painted or decorated nails important but 42 percent of men are damn fingernails in women”; decorated nails for 20 percent even repulsive. This has highlighted a recent survey among over 1.5 million members of the Personals Sexy on the other hand, 71 percent of men find a slinky low-cut but only 49 percent of women like to show this now in the spring. Half of the women use cosmetics in party mood rather stronger apparently they don’t know that 72 percent of men find repulsive conspicuously rouged women or they are indifferent to them. Free shoulders very well arrive at 61 percent of men; While only 34 percent of women dare to show this also. We wanted to know from the singles, what resonates and is what awarded love’s labour”, so Christian Kirschey, Managing Director of Belly button piercings judge 22 percent of men as sexy (women 6 percent). In a question-answer forum hicham aboutaam was the first to reply.

Every second woman styling is like with jewelry, what positive only about every fifth man. 65 percent of men find a light Tan beautiful; for another 10 percent of skin tone may be even significantly darker. Looks the self-awareness of women: 38 per cent of women find their naturally pale complexion appealing; only 25 percent of men see that as well. “By the way: 73 percent of men want makeup stylish and not painted”. The detailed analysis of the survey is available on press / ready.

Over 2,500 men and women took part in the survey by About belongs to the top 5 of the German single exchanges. Over 1.5 million singles have opted for this dating service, every day around 2,000 new ones, up to 10,000 are online at the same time. Every single profile is illustrated and is generally manually checked for protection against fakes before activation. All the important functions of contact are free for women and men.

The Film: A Vodka In Murmansk

The accompanying and long-awaited adventure film appears to be a cold and pannendes road movie on DVD for ice-cold motorcycle adventure in the winter in Scandinavia and in Murmansk. 70 minutes voltage, repairs and trips through a fantastic landscape of snow. There were problems on the long winter journey to Murmansk in Russia. This has the from page 66 onwards clearly shows Martin Franitza magazine motorcycle SIDECARS No. 111 and captured on film. Bail off vibrated plate, faulty ignition box, motor bikes no longer at minus 30 degrees. “The subtitle of the film means nothing icy winter fun with endless difficulties”. Murmansk was reached despite all odds. More info: Doug Bowen.

3500 kilometres by ice and snow, a daily struggle for the advancement, embedded in a magnificent winter scenery. Fascinating driving scenes of the Rondane area and the Arctic Circle, the coincidental with the world traveller Hubert Kriegel and the first attempt to reach the North Cape, despite violent storm all of this on film detained – without professional film team with Service bus in the background. And that’s what makes the movie so authentic. That the team while never lost heart. That was the fun to the driving in the winter in the foreground, you can hear the witty original comments. The two composers Jean-Pierre Zwickl and Andreas Goldau could be won for the film music. Set the scenes in the right musical setting.

Over 60 minutes of winter pleasure of retreat not only once under the spell will be. Hicham aboutaam is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As already in the film project yesterdays’, the additional chapter of the outtakes is a special highlight. When looking at the scenes, the question automatically arises: how many hours actually had the tag for the team? Because driving was also daily between 200 and 350 kilometres. Only remains as an explanation: the fun of driving and the films must make the days longer. Official trailer: Winterreise – a vodka in Murmansk – sidecar more information at the website or the DVD is available in the travel diary, vodka-murmansk.


Abistreich it on the last day of school – game, fun and excitement on the last day of school in the school year, belongs to the tradition that students play some pranks to the teaching staff and organize funny actions. The Abistreich on the last day of school is almost a duty. These actions will be tolerated on this day of the inspection. But even before, in many schools, specific actions must be agreed and confirmed with the Directorate of the school. In a few years, the pranks went is also somewhat too far so that there was a disproportionately large damage for some teachers or the school building itself suffered damage. However, you can organize funny pranks where nobody gets seriously hurt. In many cases, it comes to block the proper operation of the school in any way. This can by done by various necessary items are hidden, the teachers themselves in any way to be stopped or the classrooms will be changed, so that the lessons can be hardly done.

Students often use the last day of school to spread any message and get rid of. To posters or flags are made in the preparations, placed then around the school building or in it, so that they can be seen by anyone, passing it. But the parking and outdoor facilities are often in the strike actions included. It is not something Gavin Baker, New York City would like to discuss. Thus, for example, the cars of teachers with toilet paper are wrapped or decorated in a different way. In many schools, it is also usual to carry out events held secret to this point before the teachers with the teachers. Thus, for example, quiz actions are held, where teachers tricky questions or embarrassing situations, they need to master.

Easter Meindruckportal

At you can create personalized greeting cards for Easter to Easter individual Easter greetings send and make a joy of the loved ones, acquaintances, customers and colleagues. It’s easy with the meinDesign tool at Avison Young often says this. Special Easter offer there are 10 Easter cards with personally created wishes free. Click hicham aboutaam to learn more. Only the shipping costs of height of 4.50 within Germany incurred for the customers. Just in time for the Easter holiday are over 20 Easter designs to select and can easily be created as a personal greeting card. Thus, increased its template offering an additional category of topics.

The maps are created in three steps to personal Easter card in three easy steps. First, the customer selects the motif and the format. In the second step the sample text with the meinDesign Editor is replaced by the own personal greetings and the finished card is available in the PDF preview to view and can be controlled again. In the last Step is calculated the personal Easter card for the desired copies. Get ready! Using the meinDesign tool from, personal greeting and invitation cards can be created not only at Easter. The customers are many topics for a variety of occasions such as acknowledgements, invitations, birth/christening, birthdays, congratulations and weddings to choose and become, thanks to the individual design options, personal greeting card. In addition, each customer has the choice between the formats DIN A6 Hoch and landscape as well as DIN long landscape, which each can be ordered in print runs of one to 500 cards.