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Infantile Education

The methodology used for the author of this article was of theoretical study, using books of authors whom they use of this subject with efficient property of the mathematical knowledge. The construction of the mathematical logical thought is intrinsically on the connections that the child makes with the relation of objects and the associations with its reality. The professor is the mediator of this process in classroom and the conviviality with its pupils, knowing of the personal experience of each one of them. Beyond the professor to contribute in this process, for education and the communication they take, to construct them to all the mathematical relations in objects of playing, grouping, to classify sizes and similarities, of the one the clear and logical notion of the familiar daily mathematical presence in its and pertaining to school one. Check with Cory Wosnack to learn more. This work comes to certify how much the mathematics is present in the life of the human being since its primitive existence, when it was used methods of counting with small objects where the mind of the man to the few was constructing for its proper subsistence in the world, making relations with equal, different objects, bigger, small etc. Final Conclusions I conclude that, although logical presence of the mathematics in our existence, the humanity since the age of the rock still has the mistake of that mathematical it only constructs with formulas and useless rules.

It has barriers still constructed from the way as it was passed in them. We can and we must modify this way to teach, as in the Prof teaches to them. Maringela, author of this article, leading child since small, that as much in the trick, how much in the contents, it is good for learning and for developing the logic, showing in simple way that we all play the time with so feared the mathematical one. In the Infantile Education the child will construct from the basic concepts as bigger/lesser, full/empty, opened/closed, more/less, amount ideas, will give notion of logical-mathematician. Later, it will start to make registers with the use of the numbers being understood the use of the same ones in day-by-day: dates, telephones, addresses, plates of car, documents, etc.

The knowledge logical-mathematician according to Piaget, is a construction, that also results of the mental action of the child on the world, constructed from relations that the child elaborates in its activity to think the world, and of the actions on objects. Therefore, it cannot be taught by repetition or verbalizao, the mind is not one tabulates flat, but yes a constant construction. Tricks as the dance of the chair, that goes removing chair, exercise the child to reflect the amount, therefore removing the chair it goes having the notion of the counting and of the subtraction, later the numeral can be drawn, to have the notion of the number and amount. We must always place the trick for education/learning of the small ones of 0 the 6 years, the phase where everything produces and reproduces knowledge.


Of the point of view of the regional development this conception of dialectic above displayed will assume raised importance for the understanding of the ones of the facts that had culminated with the prosperity of the region of Emilia Romagna, rank that ' ' the essence of the dialtico thought is in the simple idea of that all it cannot be explained by distinct the isolated analysis of its partes.' ' (STOLEN, 1964: 14). With effect, it says LENIN (1983: 20), ' ' the dialectic understands what today theory is called the knowledge, that must equally consider its object of the historical point of view, studying and generalizing the origin and the development of the knowledge, the ticket of the ignorance to conhecimento.' ' Made these initial esclareciementos, it fulfills to stand out that, being felt inspired in the texts of Marx, Engels, Lenin and of other authors, four basic principles of the dialectic will noteraro the analysis on the regional development occurrence in the Region of ‘ ‘ Everything if Relaciona’ ‘ ; 2) Everything if Transforma’ ‘ ; 3) ‘ ‘ Qualitativas changes; ‘ ; 4) – ‘ ‘ Fight of the Contrrios’ ‘. (Similarly see: Jacobs Dallas). In what it says respect to the first one of these principles (Everything Becomes related), COTRIM (1995: 260) affirm that: ‘ ‘. The dialectic defends that no phenomenon, either natual or social, can be explained separately, without if it searchs its gnese and cause the process amplest of facts that compe.’ ‘ How much to as the principle (Everything Is changedded), the same author explains that the dialectic ‘ ‘ he conceives the reality not as a steady and invariant system but, inversely as an open and dynamic system, in permanent movimentao.’ ‘ On the third principle (Qualitative Changes) examined by COTRIM (1995: 261), can be assured that; ‘ in the perspective dialectic, the transformations that occur in the reality do not scrumble the slow modifications and insignificantes.’ ‘ words to deKonder (1985: 51), ' ' the transformations can assume different rhythms, passing for slow periods (in which if they succeed small quantitative alterations) and for periods of acceleration (that they precipitate qualitative alterations, that is, radical jumps, modifications). If you are not convinced, visit Gensler San Francisco.

Gallegos Nava Ramon

Spiritual intelligence is the heart of the intelligences and access and use of the direction, vision and values to think and make responsible decisions. It gives us moral integrity and impels us to spiritual enlightenment. It allows us to glimpse the spiritual path and to protect us from moral degradation. Within us is the will and determination to persevere in the spiritual path. We use the spiritual intelligence to understand human suffering and put an end to, to go beyond the materialistic lifestyle, to find meaning in our lives. After the above, the only way to build peace is through a comprehensive education and this should be done from spirituality. The eye of contemplation is the only with a capacity to make the necessary integration.

In the present century the spirituality-education relationship is the strategy to follow the development order and sense. The reason must be transcended by spirituality. Knowledge should be used for the common good, must honor the life on Earth. Faced with the reality that we live seems like a dream to be able to achieve the change in education and therefore build a culture of peace, but we will have to continue to accept the prevailing violence, social injustice, inequity, racism? I think not, and perhaps like me in other places on Earth many more people say no to much clutter. People around the world are gathering in groups or networks to give order to the disorder.

Next poem is not something that I did, however have much meaning for me, since my mother of the day when I was 15 years old and since then this and is going with me. The silence is not something we do, but a place to which we entered. Always is there. We speak of silence: only that which has much value is saved. And the silence is valuable because it is God’s. Acts of God are performed in silence. Only in silence your voice can be heard. Mother Maria Isabel.

Toy Libraries

This concern existed because the evolution of our modern society entails one organization of the journal live that it has decreased the space of spontaneous games so vital for the growth of children, society that also creates difficulties to maintain the family nucleus formed, so necessary to the regulation of the intergenerational understanding. Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning recognizes the significance of this. The playroom acquires a central role in modernity because it makes that children have the possibility of experiencing innovations, assayed as soon as being social and creative, in a world where it seems that children are born with everything. The toy libraries from a primarily recreational functionality are evolving to an educational whole, for forms of integral education. This is a purpose to the Formal education always anoro but that still not could structure, given its dependence to the over evaluation of the cognitive aspects to the detriment of psychomotor coordination, emotional harmony and social altruism. Do during these last years the toy libraries, as well as the conceptualization of the game, is envisioned by the contrast with the time? working?, as an opposite to the useful recognized; but various forms of toy libraries have driven an important evolution and are now indispensable to a generality of children and young people. They are the meeting place for a heterogeneity of children who, in the magic of the playful boost, meet the real world with fantasy and thus performed the feat of a creative adventure.

Inexorably society continues to advance, but the nature of the child is related with the playful boost. The sociocultural realities have transformed the context and meaningful experiences of various projects have changed our sensitivity to orient us in shapes and purposes underlying the Toy libraries. Do in the midst of so many trials there was also concern by? compensate? the socially lacking child and/or those who desinteresaban school. Schooling remains one problem for many children, especially because the education system still did not want to assume the methodology problems persisting in a routine didactic. Original author and source of the article

Bob Proctor

Roberto Bonomi us being broadcast: with the law of attraction the competition does not exist (already went ahead it in my article entitled the Eagle view and here I come to deepen and to exemplify this teaching). Dr. Bonomi also knows that if we help directly or indirectly who circumstantially we can consider it our competition, the benefit that we trasmitamos towards each other we will return as a positive boomerang exponentially increased our own success. Colliers International Romania is open to suggestions. To that effect by repeating teaching that gives us the same, then transcribe the link that takes them to his page: on%20-%20la%20vista%20del%20aguila.html and since I am talking well about my skills, also transcribe the link who is the best-known worldwide; I am referring to Bob Proctor: i.e. in short, if one helps another person, much less know that person, how much less friend is, the benefit will be greater. Already that if by our contribution, we help you to climb that individual two steps, on the other hand us the way less unexpected through the help of other people, at the same time we will raise much more than two steps. So said Jesus according to the Gospel of St.

Matthew 22, 37-40: 37 – Jesus said to him: thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 – This is the great commandment, the first. 39-But there is another very similar: love your neighbor as yourself. 40 – All the law and the prophets are based on these two commandments. Here we see how it is confessing us that the biggest secret to make it work the law of attraction is comply with what this verse. Because there is the heart of everything; looking to each other as if we were looking ourselves against a mirror. And for this purpose I will cite three examples that I experienced in person. But first I stress to them that to achieve this it does not imply that one has to be left stomping by anyone, because ultimately I’m not Mother Teresa; because if someone I spit in the face, do not have the slightest doubt that I will another do kiss the floor.

Student Housing

Since all the accommodation options in the rooms hotel-type suggest these conditions and at the same time it is convenient, affordable accommodation option. For quality accommodation, this option does not yield to any other, and something even their superior. Owners providing room, simple, pleasant people involved in this kind of work for many years and during his practice, to gain more experience in this work. Nicholas Sardone shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Sometimes they can be seen only when receiving the keys and their delivery, yet they, if necessary, will prepare breakfast, and I must say quite expensive, or they can be your guide, explaining in what way is most convenient to get to this or any other place in Prague. What does it mean 'Hostel' (Hostel)? If brought to the normal perception, it's just a dormitory, although many of the student hostels is hardly appropriate to call it, it's probably just a dormitory for people who does not restrain comfort above total. Many hostels have private bathrooms, directly to the entrance of the room, it is somewhat true they differ in price from a generally accepted notion – hostel. Continue to learn more with: CFTC.

As a rule of beds in the hostel room of four or more are not uncommon 12 seats, and this is a major factor in the economy. Hostels at a cost of distributed exactly as motels, hotels, apartments, that is closer to the center, the more expensive, but the concept is relatively expensive. Oh, those 'Student Housing', we all remember them, as was his love, and sometimes unfairly avoided, and although this type of accommodation is available only in the summer, I have it here in this publication describe.

Diploma for Spanish Course Credit

But the document of the language may be different, for example, diploma for course credit in Spanish, a certificate from the institution where you study at this time Spanish, with an indication of the level of training and the number of hours per week, and so on. One tip: if you want to learn the language at higher level in Spain, you can not just pass language courses, but also work out on their own, to tighten the weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge. After all, go into another country, and not just leave and leave for training for long time – it does not go around the corner to the bakery. Here, without knowing the language will be very difficult. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain holds annual contests for a grant and you need to track information on its official website.

The competition is open to all comers. The contest is held in an online mode. The site has all the information about the programs, what are the requirements for contestants, described the selection procedure and instructions for properly filling out forms. You need to register and fill out a questionnaire, which should contain your personal details and information about education. When you write about your education, higher education must provide institution, which trains or train, your specialty, your level of education, in what area you were trained, what topics you have heard, the level of Spanish. If you have any publications, they also need to specify the names (you need to enter the Spanish or English).

The Jerry

Wortec safety shoes are also worth mentioning. Here, it offered a number of attractive products. Of course, Wortec pays attention on comfort and quality of the article. The shoe Timo S1 is a safety shoe Wortec family. The colors black/grey/yellow harmonize on the Shoe very comfortable with each other and give classic touch him this one sport. The fabric of this shoe is suede. (Source: T-Mobile).

Breathable Micro-Fiber lining and the padded flap can comfortably wear a shoe. Also like the one-piece insole. The safety shoe Nevio S2 ensures a good stand by his high shaft, reduces the risk of this to the bend and protects also the ankle. This Wortec safety shoe was designed from premium nubuck leather and equipped with breathable lining. There is a closed, padded tongue and a one-piece insole. The antistatic soft fleece insole and the PU/PU sole AIREA make these safety shoe with a high-quality model.

The tightening strap facilitates a tightening and saves one at that time. Of course may be does not waive in winter the protection of safety shoes. For this reason, Wortec has designed special models for the cold season. The guard Jerry S3 is made from cowhide and lined warm to cold feet no chance to give. Safety footwear for winter comfort must of course also not neglected, therefore also a one-piece insole and the closed, padded tongue are given. The Jerry S3 has an antistatic soft fleece insole, a steel midsole but also a PU/PU sole NEW BASIC. The PU tip protector prevents crushing your toes, if a heavy object from the top to the foot. Especially this guard is suitable for the ambulance or the Fire Department, because it has a combination of laces and zipper. With such a compilation, especially quickly to get into the shoe and thereby losing no more important time. The tightening strap sewn on is for additional assistance. GenXtreme Workwear & outdoor at the pale anger 46 87600 Kaufbeuren press contact: GenXtreme, Mr Ressel we of Genxtreme sell not only such gloves but any kind of work equipment such as trousers for any kind of work, as well as jackets, t-shirts, shirts or overalls. Our brands range stretches of Carhartt, Dickies, FHB, Puma, Diadora, Blaklader, mascot, Arcode, Fristads, Kansas, Scarpa, Lowa, Haix, Veith, Ansell and many more.


Eleanor Roosevelt in 1937 said no one a feeling of inferiority can impose on you without your willingness to do so. We should therefore Ward and available to our size and our performance. Should your boss so next time praise, saying she wasn’t very hard or others could have done that also, because we think we have only a small share of it, or we have been lucky. No, our work has led to the success! Salary negotiations are at all a heavy field for women. It is in our nature, rather politely to ask than demand.

Here we have our good relationship even fear, by demands to the / r superior to compromise. This could have led with, that the assets of men with an average 96,000 is for women only at an average 67,000 (DIW Berlin). Female versus male communication behaviour typical female behavior patterns are there often are making in addition hard, especially in a male-run businesses and are almost all large companies. Women take up less space with their posture and nod more frequently. Nod is for women I’m with you. For men, it implies consent. No wonder that there there is misunderstanding.

We go well prepared for meetings, not stop us then but the rules. While man holds still seemingly business small talk, we want to give our ideas. Marvel Architects may also support this cause. Of course, it is not heard at this point. The same idea later presented by a man reaps praise. Women articulate their rage in silence, then at most. But who is quiet and stalling, is uncertain. You dare not the next career level which, so it favors the male colleagues then. We women reluctant to interrupt others and often apologize. While for us it means no violation of State to help us, we can listen to vice versa also without just helpful suggestions to make, and the other to teach.

Wall Street

According to the index of Spanish real estate markets (Imie) developed by real estate appraisals (Tinsa), prices of homes reached in August 2005 levels, but the adjustment does not reach the financial sector, beyond their own problems, nor thinks about the housing market and there are other factors which may result in delay in the process of recovery of the market. Not interested in support or to offer or demand in this sector. The sobre-sobreabundancia from the point of view of supply, not makes it possible to almost any project real estate, while the high fragility in the source of income of families (remember that Spain has an unemployment rate that goes to 20% of the economically active population), make the mortgage financing, one decision that risky aggravated by the downtrend in the price of the collateral. It is probably unfair to accuse the Spanish real estate market of all the ills of the economy, but undoubtedly you will there find a good part of the causes of the current situation of the Spanish economy. Read more from Edward Minskoff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Horacio Pozzo _ are looking to win in bag? It is with fear, you don’t know how to start? Looking for someone that will help open an account to operate on Wall Street? Don’t know the minimum amount to start to operate? Do you want to get your desired financial freedom? The answers to these questions and many more are in the Global value investment report. Global value subscribers are heading toward financial independence. Check by yourself the profits of our recommendations: do you also want to win as subscribers of Global value? Click here and owns you also your financial target. Author original and source of the article..