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Tixl Chacgua

His life is influenced by several historical events, such as: the dictatorship of Jorge Ubico, the revolution of the 44 and the liberation movement in the 54. Connoisseur of the fauna and flora of Guatemala, which ranks as stage is in his works. His narrative skill is able to keep you attentive and interested leaves you love waking up your imagination to unsuspected limits, highlighting the beauty of Guatemala with magnificent descriptions of the natural environment, which seem to be inexhaustible. Some contend that Ian Hawksworth shows great expertise in this. As author has the characteristics of being: descriptive, narrative and fanciful, therefore, most of his works are written in narrative, prose dialogue and descripcion-narrativa. And his personality leaves framing his love for our Guatemala. Edward Minskoff has plenty of information regarding this issue. Coins to Rodriguez Macal within the literary movement of modernism, for being an exquisite, exotic and impressive literature in the eyes of the world but in reality it seems to be at an intermediate point transition modernism to avant-garde and therefore, exponent of criollismo.

However there are no truths absolute, one way or another the authors are influenced by the environment and it may his works share multiple characteristics of literary movements, but have more a certain trend. Author of literary Mansion of the snake bird (which is the most important) Guayacan blood and chlorophyll Jinaya Carazamba blackness * the world of mystery green (is one of my favorite * 0 *) work of Creole adventure that immerses us in the life of the qeqchi Lish Zenzeyul or Andres four eyes, whose eyes became Green’s both look at and admire the jungle. It is the narrative of the adventures and misadventures that, suffers when without imagining it was dragged by the current of the River with his cayuco such travel transfer it through the jungles of the Verapaces and Peten, discovering in his tour how wonderful fauna and flora. e. The novel is composed of seven chapters that lead by name of the fauna of our beloved Guatemala, having among its main characters: light parakeet Sacol or Sakol Xavier or Tiw Harpy Eagle Nahuyaca or snake beard yellow Icbolay or ikbolay Tapir or tapir Tixl Chacgua or Chakow boar lion or puma Cajcoj American Tiger or jaguar Josh – Jaguar- our main characters along with another series of secondary characters living within the jungle adventures, rather, we focused on jungle animal life in Guatemalan land, showing us to those beings that they are fighting and defending their territory faced the danger, that move your destinationsurvive the dangers and difficulties, extolling its nobility and leading them to success.

Simon Rodriguez Educator

Enmmanuel Kant: For education alone can man become man. The man is nothing more than what the education makes it. Simon Rodriguez was one of the people who most influence exerted in the mood, life and the future of Simon Bolivar and, through you, in the continent. The Wellington Block can aid you in your search for knowledge. Bolivar had been an unfortunate child: at age 3 he was orphaned of mother and the nine also lost his father, and was delivered to the black Hippolyta who wanted, as he said later in a letter, like a mother. Gavin Baker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But the guardianship of the minor was responsible for his uncle Carlos Palacios, who, among other things, took should define the choice of their teachers. Don Carlos made several tests but in the end chose Rodriguez. This was a Caracas born on October 28, 1769 and was 25 years old when it comes to be called to work as a teacher of the future Liberator. It had formed in the light of the revolutionary ideas of Europe and adept to the educational theories of theses exposed by Juan Jacobo Rousseau.

The teacher was the foundling son and a little eccentric. His biographers catalogued so sarcastic and cynical. To confirm these adjectives tell a striking episode: once, got angry with some of his brothers and in retaliation the surname Rodriguez was changed and adopted of Carreno. And also another fact: their children christened them corn and tulip, as any grain or flower from your garden. It was a firm belief that the best way of learning was the get in contact with the object of study. It was required if it was to study nature, visit it, touch it, get in touch with her, felt the bark of trees, perhaps sucking the aroma of flowers by this underwent the young disciple to long, strenuous walks and varied exercises between them of riding in which the genius of America would acquire their extraordinary abilities as a rider which you would be useful throughout his military career.

Maintenance Center

So, if did not know it the airlines for low cost more boast its own centre of maintenance, an element which distinguishes them as the best airline of low cost in Mexico. From the month of May 2007 low cost airlines launched its project of Center for maintenance and major repair of aircraft. This Center is located in the Toluca airport, where repair and painting, as well as aircraft storage services are performed. Engineers and technicians from Interjet was commissioned to design and carry out this project, with the help of the manufacturers to comply with the requirements. Thank you excellent work team forming part of Interjet, was achieved to build this Center in a record time of 5 months.

In addition, this Center also the service is provided to third parties and account with the aeronautical authorities Mexicanas (DGAC) and international (FAA) certification. This is only part of what characterizes low-cost airlines, for its quality and service. Visit the web site of the low-cost airlines so you know more to close this maintenance and repair centre and have certainty that when traveling with them, traveling on airplanes more secure..

Music Online

By now, many people have enjoyed the benefits of downloading music online. In fact, music downloads have changed the way they perceive the accessibility of music. However, many others still remain in the dark, losing a number of advantages. However, is never too late to take advantage of downloading music via the Internet and the best part is that now easier than ever to do so. Outstanding benefits of downloading music to begin with, it is very convenient. Anyone with an Internet connection and a media file player can access music from around the world, in a matter of seconds.

Consumers do not have to physically move to a music shop to find what you are looking for, because all the music you could expect is available at your fingertips via a computer. Search facilities often makes it incredibly simple to search for songs and artists, which normally requires a minimum information to get accurate results. Once the consumer finds the music you’re looking for, download is fast and simple it usually takes just a few minutes. Another advantage of downloading music over the Internet is that now you don’t have to buy an entire album to get a song that you like. You can mix and match of almost innumerable songs, genres and artists to reach a collection of music that really will love. Check out American Tower Corporation for additional information.

And since you can listen to a sample of each song until you actually download, you can be assured that you will get exactly what you are waiting for. And, finally, one of the biggest advantages of downloading music is to download music easily transfer to MP3 players so you can download songs and always wear your music and instantly, without having to burn anything to a CD. MP3 players are also compacted and are easy to carry, and do not require that you change your CD everytime you want to listen to a new mix or artist. Of course, this also means that you will never have to carry all that music on CD extra. With MP3 players, you can create and enjoy a mix in the workplace, and everything that you never have to take with you one compact player, nothing more. With so many advantages of downloading music online, it is not surprising that many people are using the Internet to access your favorite music. It has never been easier to download songs for use on computers and MP3 players, significant alteration of the way consumers search, access and listen to music.

Maria Mercedes History

Think of all the times that our own judgments they have been conditioned by others is somewhat chilling. Psychology for everyone, not comments on the content, scope, impact of gossip through Vladimir psychologists and Maria Mercedes de Gessen, that cl gossip born with human communication through the oral tradition prior to the writing. People needed to tell what occurred, experiences and thoughts. But, as demonstrated in the research of oral communications, when one person tells another what is heard, and this in turn to another, and so on, the original story changes and added idealists of each who, over the subjectivity of each point of view are deforming reality and becoming legend. Dick Parsons is full of insight into the issues. In the end the truth and history is reduced to its minimum expression and the fable and the tale occupy a huge space. In the case of gossip, history, or the tale that is left of it, distortion was done for perverse reasons, whether power or acquisition of wealth. Gavin Baker usually is spot on.

So, who counted the history molded it in his view or in defence of their interests. Gossip has no interest in telling what happened but that contains a particular intention. Gossip is currently used to disparage, discredit, defame and discredit. The person who gossips and the gossip soon learn their gossip to give him power over others because they can inflict damage to whom wish to, help to achieve objectives in the work or even get advantages in couple relationships. The gossip is the narration of a true or false fact which is made without taking into account the damage that can cause this information to third parties or precisely with the intention of doing so. Since then as indicated by Gessen, gossip is associated to tangle, scheme, slandering, murmur and muddling, and according to the Bible that gossips reveals secrets in the sense of as situations or to make public knowledge circumstances that can cause damage to the people involved.

Be considered is said, that when a gossip usually gets it is to talk about something not conventional or prohibited in what someone has incurred. Thus refers that such or which spouse was unfaithful to your partner, or the alleged failures a colleague at work or the intimate life of artists and personalities.It is definitely valid brother-in-law says that gossip can cause problems personal, social, psychological and moral evaluation of the victims of the lookers. Conclusions must be avoided being trapped by what chimes them represents, not be influenced by them, much less participate as active agent that makes use of gossip for harming someone.

New Year Respect

In this article I want to tell you happy new year for 2010, and also look for 2011, as a new year, a new beginning, a new opportunity in your leadership. The time of passage between two years is always a good reason to do analysis, last year and plans for the following year. You can now analyze how you did in 2010, with respect to your MLM business or with respect to your life, if you prefer, you can ask yourself if you did well, if you was regular or you went wrong. You can for example take a look at your personal group to your structure, to see how many new distributors had this year that sales volume had you personal and with your group, how many presentations made throughout the year, few talks, many personalized training, man to man, how you did with respect to your leadership and teamwork, and if you have timeis a good opportunity to re-read all your notes of your workbook, re-evaluate all your encounters your calendar, that it can be very interesting, review all your meetings of your agenda. Review, remember that thou hast spoken, how have you had to solve your problems, how helped your distributors to solve their problems, how was your teamwork, all these informations can be very interesting to see your course, your growth, your address, your career in your MLM business, because we forget with astonishing speed. This moment of transition from one year to another, is also a good opportunity for you to build plans for next year, to get new goals, new specific, practical, real challenges with respect to your leadership and teamwork. At the end of 2011, you’re going to do another analysis, to see if you alcanzaste these goals, these challenges, these plans build you today.

Practical exercise: 1. get a full scan on your activity of leadership and teamwork in your year 2010 MLM business. 2. Find your strengths and your weaknesses in this analysis, congratulate you on your achievements and take into account possible gaps, fouls. 3 Get a plan, get a goal, a new challenge by 2011 with respect to your leadership and work in team. Leave me a comment on this article, your opinion I care, knowing specifically what is your opinion, but it is a healthy critique, I’ll know how to help you in the future.


Bodybuilding without nonsense of Vince del Monte book has helped thousands of people in the transformation of your body to reach their dream fitness. And in fact, many people long is to cry when they reach the result that want to reach. There are several issues included in the agenda of Vince delMonte. Among them are how to eat (learning to nurture well), as increasing the muscles, as recover and accelerate the recovery, how to prevent unintentionally avoiding the causes, how to lose weight keeping muscles and, in general, a lot of information referring to the bodybuilding world. The book covers each topic separately and is written in a super simple, so that beginners learn more fast principles to increase muscles and grow. In addition, you will learn tips about what to eat, when and how many times a day. Since the diet is an essential part in your body transformation process.

Not only fitness, but also exercises a meal plan is key so that you increase weight. Perhaps check out Dick Parsons for more information. Vince del Monte was in several journals, including the prestigious Maximum Fitness Magazine, the is a great coach and a fitness champion also. The bodybuilding no-nonsense book teaches 9 principles to increase muscle, and these are explained in different chapters. This ebook is essential (mandatory!) for people who want to increase their muscle mass, in addition, if the product does not suit you you can return and return you your money. It is probably one of the best books to learn how to grow muscles, increase strength and security in yourself also. If I am interested in the topic, I recommend that you follow the next link, to learn more about the no nonsense bodybuilding book.

Also you may interest more tips to enlarge your muscles. I am passionate about natural bodybuilding physique, muscle-building exercises routines and techniques to enlarge the muscles in the gym. Enter to. com to learn more about bodybuilding. Blogs associated Burning Calories Turbo Jam Maximum Results Better Fitness Plan reasons for exercise of Bodybuilding exercises for Maximum Fitness Gear all-in-One Doorway Chin Up Bar with Bonus Top of Zaragoza coach agenda of work Health and Fitness Tips 4 You!

Effective Person

We currently live in a society in constant change and movement, same that require us to be a stronger person both in the workplace as a staff, going through and often facing great pressure and stress situations. With the passing of the years we have learned to adapt to this style of life as complex, trying to be effective people, seeking to keep up to date with information and innovations, we demand too much that we forget sometimes that we are not machines, however we strive both to perform our activities better each time, and I’m not saying that it’s bad, but we forget to give us enough time to stop to think, meditate, analyze and because not to renew ourselves as people who we are. RBH Group is likely to increase your knowledge. We are so afraid to be wrong, or have criticized that we made the decision to pretend that we are and we have the ability to perform all activities requiring us to our routine and often putting our own health, because we have developed us in a culture where we must devote as much as possible to our I work to achieve our goals, forgetting that it is also important to take care of our body, mind and spirit. If we want to be truly effective people, and improve our behaviour at work and in personal life, it is recommended to put us into practice the 7 habits of highly effective people that presents the author Stephen. R.

Covey. Then present what each habit: be proactive: proactive behavior is the product of our own decisions, based on values. Fabrizio Fredas opinions are not widely known. Reactive behavior leads us to blame others or the circumstances of our own ills. Proactivity, our effectiveness and happiness is conditioned by us and by others. Start with an end in mind: is to begin with a clear understanding of towards where we want to go. First set the first thing: this habit determines how we use and manage our time. It also helps us to learn to say no in certain circumstances that seem so difficult to answer, teaches us to delegate activities and search support.

Think of win / win: the term win / win is balance courage and consideration, it is the balance between respect for us and respect for others, it is the essence of human interaction, allows us to leave manipulate. Try to understand and then to be understood: the majority of people want to be understood, in this habit, it is very important to learn to listen to and about being patient and not interrupt to end up being us the protagonists or pretend we know everything based on our personal experiences. Synergy: is when people communicate with respect and creativity to learn and internalize, looking for a better solution than the proposals by each one individually. Sharpen the saw: take time to care for and cultivate also means renewing the four dimensions of its nature: the physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. These 7 habits are very clear and simple to follow, is only a matter for the person to have the initiative to put them into practice, with the certainty that we will achieve good and better results in our behavior. LAE.

The Coexistence Of Versions: Dictionary Khazar

Pavic demolishes and reconstructs and this reconstruction provides an implicit theory about reading, a theory about the limits of the novel, the limits of truth and religion. There are many lines of interest that the reading of the dictionary Khazar. However, chose to cross it as he intends, as shown, by where opens: cracks. Cracks of all types, at all levels: fragments of stories, fractured genres, physical wounds. All spaces open, deconstructed and reconstructed by where is given an opening that becomes about itself branching is and where increasingly becomes more difficult to determine what was opened where, without knowing from where gives the first wound, the first door to the other side.

So far, that limit establishes the passage of the text where the reader enters. Now, the reader cannot be conventional. The reader works or should work rather like a writer who redoes the text as it moves with the reading. Although this conception also enters crisis because it proposes a reading sauteed, but not stipulated. I.e., the reader can do so according to the order determined by him. In this sense, it can be said that the book calls for a new kind of reader. But not directed, but absolutely free. Precisely therein resides the requirement of the active reader: he can really do what you want.

Also not moves linearly in the body of the book, he goes through, he walks it, anda it is, without a guide, the subject that lee is lost and becomes a different reader to be educating while it is not. Who runs it is moulding as he builds his imaginary Khazar from information that the text gives you, although also says it the same text: who invest more in reading more will receive then. All in reading is presented from the break, from inexperience. Inexperience in two aspects: on the one hand, the text is handled with some informative scaffolding that a reader not specialized in that topic not known with accuracy or, directly, unknown; in second place, from the formal, not usual to read a dictionary which, in turn, lead to novel captioned lexicon.

Cavernet Sauvignon

We often find ourselves with pleasant surprises that show us that with enthusiasm, effort and professionalism we are able to achieve goals that others manage with far greater resources. Today we are going to analyze the success and the high quality of the wines of Quinta Mazuela the D.O. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out CohBar. Carinena. We can find in stores two wines representative of this Winery, Quinta Mazuela 2005 (Tempranillo and Merlot with 8 months in barrels) and Quinta Mazuela 2007 (Syrah, Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot with 10 months in barrels). But what is Quinta Mazuela? Silvia I took representative and owner of Quinta Mazuela (wines D.O.

Carinena) tells how this project came about. This enterprising Aragonese, has recently arrived in the world of Oenology after passing by several small wineries of France. This woman Aragonese, originally from Carinena, BA in Marketing and business administration, after having acquired the knowledge and experience necessary after his work on the French wineries decides to undertake their own project to produce a quality wine, elaborated in a way traditional and following the Burgundian teachings. For Silvia, most importantly when it comes to making a good wine is choose grapes carefully since then in the winery, is impossible to correct the problems of a poor choice in the quality of the grapes. Great respect for the traditional manner and respect for the environment stands out in their wines. You’ve in the 6.32. of its own vines, works and supervises waiting for the best time for the harvesting of the grapes. The best uvascon vintage are incorporated in Quinta Mazuela and the rest are sold to other wineries, thus achieving a great wine of great quality and made in the traditional way. Without a doubt, a great harvest that can be catada in two wines, Quinta Mazuela 2005 (Tempranillo and Merlot with 8 months in barrels) and Quinta Mazuela 2007 (Syrah, Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot) with 10 months in oak barrels and can be purchased online on the website of Saboores, food from the lands of Aragon. Photo: Flickr: Mr.