Zlatni Council

Croatia – land of the many islands – discover BRAC today! When tourists through the beautiful Croatian islands speak, mention almost always only Hvar, vis, Korcula and CRES, very rarely hear I that someone the Island Brac mentioned. This is really a pity, because of BRAC has to offer a lot for tourists. BRAC is the most famous beach in Croatia. His name is Zlatni Council and it is located in the town of Bol, on the South side of the island. BRAC has but much more to offer.

On the north side of the island there are several old small fishing villages such as Milna, Sutivan, Splitska and Pucisca. These villages are today excellent places for a Croatia holidays. The residents here have long recognized that tourism is the future. There are sights of course also on the island, not far from BOL you will find the Blaca monastery, and the Dragon Cave (Supetar spilja), at the Pucisca the quarry you can be layered, where among other things the stones for the wise obtained home in Washington. The animal park in Sutivan offers for nature lovers eventful hours. This is particularly suitable for families with children, there to see many different domestic animals there and there is also a large playground. Mainly offered accommodation for the night, but in the meantime, there are also several new hotels.

The prices are cheap compared to Istria, for that you must travel just slightly longer. After BRAC, you get the easiest car ferry. The main route goes from split to Supetar, as Altanative, there is also a connection from Makarska to Sumatin. Without a car, you can translate from the Mainland with the catamaran, or your Croatia fan like to Charter a small plane

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