Withholding Tax – What Piece?

Specifying capital income in the tax return often needed since the introduction of the flat tax on investment income must be usually no longer specified in the income tax return. Yet the levy of the system of Cape with the income tax return makes sense in some cases or even compulsory. Tax of the system prescribed Cape, if: not communicated to church tax obligation: who is liable to tax Church, but his bank not announced, must pay still church tax on investment income. Foreign interest without tax: also income from investments abroad, or from so-called growth foreign funds are taxable. Envoys Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is likely to agree. No withholding tax has been withheld from this capital income, they must be specified in the tax return. Submission of facility Cape sense, if: cheap er exam: to avoid hardening, a cheap er examination may be requested. This is useful if the personal tax rate is less than 25%. The difference to the 25% Withholding tax will be refunded.

Savers standard amount has not exhausted: If the saver standard amount was not exploited by 801 EUR (1.602 EUR for married couples) exemption orders or remaining losses consist of speculative transactions, investment income can be specified in the income tax return. Dividends from corporate involvement are only 60% taxable at the request of dividends are subject to not the flat tax, but the personal tax rate. In this case, only 60% (known as part of income) of the dividends be taxed. A tax assessment of dividend income with the personal tax rate may apply for but only who involved more than 25% of a capital company or of a turnout of at least 1% at the same time the company is professionally active. Advertising costs related to this participation, are removable. The application should be made in particular at foreign-funded investments with high interest charges. Without withdrawal, an application also applies the following Investment periods. Is a request but revoked, he is again possible for this Corporation. Note to be prepared for all cases, the tax certificates for 2009 investment income should be requested in time by the banks, if they were not already sent. ETL – tips & trivia entrepreneur Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser, Torsten Bogausch

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