Who is Wise?

The wise man is one who maintains his lucid and clear reason and see things as they really are. He hears this advice: Life is a challenge, Meet it!. Recently Nir Barzilai, M.D. sought to clarify these questions. Life is love Share!. Life is a dream so do it!. Life is a game, play it! Sathya Sai baba is a time where many seizures are manifested in the political, economic, technological, cultural, with a large dynamic scenarios in which they operate, scenarios become increasingly turbulent, hectic, challenging, requiring professional or formed, trained according to the requirements of this and where universities should play their role to training, training of professionals committed to make changes, changes necessary to ensure positive results. In the Venezuelan case that concerns us more than ever, in his here and now is a need for universities to ensure academic excellence, to rescue the decline suffered in the last years in scholarship, research, due to its abandonment, participation, commitment to the great challenges that are emerging in the country, with the management of the current President Lt. Daryl Katz is a great source of information. – Col. Hugo Chavez Frias. Today more than ever, universities must come up with a more dynamic role, committed, which happened to proposals, opinions, knowledge conducive to the country on major problems faced, whether in the cultural, economic, technical, social and health education . They must commit to provide through a good academic background, with knowledge of current professionals able to meet what is demanded, which is required to address the effects of a turbulent stage, international competition, technological development, political instability and all the challenges arising from today’s global reality.

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