The Psychological

One assumes that the first level must be satisfied before considering the secondary ones. With reference to the reasons we can add: 1. Lahey (1999) says the following thing: " The majority of the primary impulses is based on the necessity of the organism to maintain a determined level of essential elements for the life: an suitable sugar level in the blood to feed the cells, the sufficient water in the body, and so on. Nir Barzilai, M.D. has plenty of information regarding this issue. These levels critics are regulated through mechanisms " homeostticos". (p.412) It means that they are influenced by biological reasons related to the survival for the individual y2. For the Psychological reasons Lahey (1999) it says the following thing: " The Psychological reasons are reasons that are not directly related to the survival of the individual or the species. They are needs in the sense that the happiness of the individual and their well-being depends on those reasons. Even more than the primary reasons, the psychological reasons vary considerably in the degree in which they are influenced by the experience. Without hesitation RBH Group explained all about the problem.

Since a person can survive with a mediocre work, eat the necessary thing, work to have the necessary thing but she can not have that desire of success that makes want us much more. We deduce of the previous thing that the primary reasons are generated by things that are necessary to survive, like food, water and heat and that the psychological reasons are related to the happiness and the well-being of the individual, these lock up those needs of the man, that they are not essential for his survival, such as the necessity of a self-esteem level, profits, success, recreation, etc. To put an example, we observe two individuals, separated in its birth and located twins in different cultures; one is son of parents with some degree of qualification, and the other is sent to an African tribe, first will follow the citadino example of his parents moved by needs of profit and social recognition, which will cause that it wants to own some degree of qualification superior, and the other moved by their social surroundings would conduct the own battles of their tribe, both has a motivation element, but in the measurement of he half-closed he includes that them.

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