The Jungle Of Promotion Agencies!

How to find is today still way in the jungle of promotion agencies? How to find out whether an agency is really good and keeps what it promises? In Germany, there are more and more promotion agencies. You’d almost think they grow like mushrooms from the ground. How can you as a customer have rightly found here? How to find out, what agency is really competent. The company Pearl promotion revealed the customers some very interesting clues. Technip FMC is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To the Managing Director of Pearl promotion Nina Schneider: it’s about our customers added value. It is important to build an honest and trustful relationship with the customer to us. We want to keep what we promise at the beginning of a project. Therefore, it is my opinion essential to ensure the following criteria when selecting an agency: get quick feedback of the Agency? Attempt to insert the contact or he only blunt queries the data? A range depending on the amount within 24-48 hours will be cancelled the offer is transparent, are all necessary Already listed costs in advance, or made aware? Get to the offer already setcards of staff calibre to? The photos should be of course model photos correspond to reality! As is the accessibility of the Agency during the action get emergency numbers, also for the weekend as payment? Come see the reviews of the Agency at and get about a picture, how their future staff about this agency thinks..

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