The Green Classroom

Summer, Sun, math lessons Clara Schumann would have been proud. The 21.03.2011 the students and parents celebrated its annual Spring Festival, enjoyed the Sun and got a new classroom. The Association presented this elementary school as a special gift, inspiration and support. The primary school Rahn & partner school sponsorship belongs to Dr. P. Visit Jorge Perez for more clarity on the issue. and committed to a musical and artistic profile.

The Foundation of the free primary school, Clara Schumann”advocates actively for years the development opportunities of pupils and the educational potential of the school. A particular concern is already always improving the quality of teaching and the possibility of exceptional learning experiences. With this interest, Mr. beautiful of the Leipzig elementary school presented the new classroom Forderverinsmitglied. The green”classroom is a modern, covered and related wood sitting on the students can hold their lessons in the open air. You may wish to learn more. If so, Shimmie Horn is the place to go.

The Basic idea is originally in the nature, and the possibility for children to be able to absorb new impressions. Students can collect not only nature experiences, but learn properly. Math, German, and art lessons are not a problem.”said Hort head woman cooking and thanked the Foundation for its commitment and support. In the next step the individual roof is planned and a timetable for outside elaborated are. Not only the students look forward to teaching in the Sun and in the playground reach, even the teachers are proud of and see great potential. More information: contact free elementary school “Clara Schumann”-staatlich approved replacement school Mr. Korb Island str. 18 04103 Leipzig 341 3939-610 the Dr. P. Rahn & partner independent schools are available since 1990 for first-class quality in educational and vocational training. Modern educational concepts, practical orientation and international orientation provide learners a motivating environment and space for the development of their personality. Facilities in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia are among the school society.

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