Telecommunications Expert Expands

through new partnerships to various services the Berlin-based company Spookytel, which since successfully in the telecommunications industry recently, expands through new partnerships in addition to various Internet services like E.g. installation services for CGI / PHP scripts, vServer, domains. Since recently special offers for customers with a “negative Schufa” also offers the company thanks to some partners. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit American Tower Corporation. These offers are extended at regular intervals to give each customer the opportunity to get a contract for a fixed network or mobile phone connection, etc.. The company is specifically for parents in shortly the offers of the company “Toggo Mobile” in its record. This offers the parents some control over the cell phone costs, a location function, as well as more interest ante functions.

For children, including a free TOGGO mobile game per month, educational games, a free parent number are as well as many more features. The company will continue to everything use it to offer its customers the best possible service and constantly expand its offerings through new partnerships. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario contributes greatly to this topic. Spookytel INH. Rene Lempp post address branch Germany: P.o. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario. box 44 02 09 12002 Berlin address: Emser str. 91 12051 Berlin +++ contact us +++ Tel: 01805 119779166 * fax: 01805 119779705 * E-Mail: * Please note prices are valid only on the net of the DTAG. Calls from other carriers and mobile networks it can possibly lead to deviations.

Spookytel operates area now for about 3 years successfully in the University Act telecommunications. True to the motto of the customer is King the company held up personally and individually to advise its customers still remember. The company considers itself as a service provider in first respect. Personal advice and competent contact persons ensure sufficient support for all questions / issues around the topic of telecommunications services. Recently, the company has specially on the marketing of products of the company HanseNet, Arcor, Versatel and Telekom specialized and successfully mediated many products of the above provider to its customers.

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