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Perfectly White Teeth

Look a perfect smile and white teeth is a very widespread desire and are constantly looking for tricks to make our teeth look as bright as those of actors and actresses in Hollywood. Among the classic remedies of the grandmother we can find as an effective method for whitening, rub the teeth with a little lemon juice or adding baking soda or salt to the toothpaste. In addition to these little tricks, we can find in the market for some years home bleaches so-called, a few gels to apply splints or strips that applying it at night get dream bleaching. A priori, these treatments seem effective, but what are the experts saying? According to a study from the University of Michigan (USA), homemade dental whiteners can be used, but with caution because even does not know well their long-term security.These dental whiteners have as main component of hydrogen peroxide, which can help us to whiten teeth, but its use It can also lead to parallel problems such as tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. The use of these products can also damage the enamel in the long term.Under this study from the University of Michigan, the American Dental Association advises users that before your account use a bleaching dental, attend a professional dentist for advice and undergo an oral examination. Many times we let ourselves blinded by the miraculous results of products advertised on television and the consequences may be irreversible.If we want white teeth, the best way to achieve this, and also the safest, is go to a centre of dental aesthetics of trust, because not only take into account the final result, but also the future health of our teeth.

Laura Torres is a journalist specializing in trends. He has worked in different magazines and online media oriented above all to the fashion and aesthetics. He is a specialist in methods of beauty such as dental whitening, methods that are always recommended to do in places specialized as tintas or dental clinics..

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable homes is a new proposal for construction of the houses and the different constructions, which mainly seeks to give a better use of natural resources, i.e. respecting the environment to the greatest extent possible and likewise obtained a few certain benefits for the building from nature itself, how to save heating at the time of the arrival of the winter and air conditioning brother-in-law comes the summer, thanks to the conditions offered by the environment around the building, in other words we can say that the sustainable housing for eco or bio-construction, thanks to the implementation of a few technological advances applied to architecture, which have resulted in the most of the environment. Implementation of the sustainable housing, deployed mostly in buildings for public use, with the putting into use of a few criteria of construction with which seek to take advantage of natural components, hence it’s sustainable, since by means of certain conditions present in this type of housing can save energy, to allow a greater illumination and generate certain conditions in the climate inside the housing. The achievement of the sustainable housing, is largely due to environmental concerns, which found support in various useful technological advances within the architecture, giving way to what is called the bio-climatic, along with the bio-construction. So to achieve the conformation of the sustainable housing, studying the soils and their characteristics, also of the climate is paramount. The previous studies carried out for the construction of sustainable housing, seeks to mainly have the environment to generate better conditions within the sustainable housing in such a way with the arrival of certain climatic seasons, to the inside of the housing environment will respond to this, therefore will not be so necessary deployment of appliances such as fans or air conditioners that made heavy use of energy; This is added to the sustainable homes also allow reuse of a resource as important as it is the water, provide better lighting conditions by implementation of certain media that help channel it and to reduce pollution emissions.

As addition to the remarkable benefits that mean the sustainable housing for persons and their homes, architecture ecological and sensitive to the environment than is present in the sustainable housing, manages to avoid violent shocks in nature, to look for better environmental conditions from the same planning and construction; Besides its main achievement this directed to the saving of energy, through lower energy consumption. One of the important points within the sustainable housing is the presence of a few walls that accumulate energy from the source of the Sun’s rays, also a few thermal panels to keep hot water and photovoltaic cells. Other technological elements that help the formation of housing sustainable are passive solar energy collection systems and ventilation ducts that provide comfort.