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Driver Education

In everyday life we can realize that the way home, work, school or other activities is becoming more complicated as each day increases the number of cars in cities and these are in the same way, I think today it is very important for both driver education authorities to motorists and in turn present.En road signs which speed up a certain way roads, but that happens with this. In many cases the rush or other reasons we ignore these losses cause injuries and even humans.Para improve this we must ask what to do or how to do to improve the roads and avoid the role accidents.Each character and mention which all people at some point we have to play. Motorists: Always in a hurry to get to your destination, gets distracted, stressed, and lose control, do not pay attention and so does not respect the signs and not the pedestrian, causing exit signs to comply accidents. earlier … Edward Minskoff is often quoted as being for or against this. … Ron Beit insists that this is the case. and patience. The pedestrian: You should know that the roads and streets are not to walk around or playing, I think this is the biggest problem we present pedestrians and is where we should start putting into practice the road safety education. For in this way we avoid the folly of the citizens to want to place stops every 10 feet or in front of his house.

because this interrupts the road. Authorities: As such they have to enforce the road rules do not fall into corruption so that in this way we all respect the rules of the road and to have a better circulation and road safety education. As a contribution to citizenship, I think if we all had very clear all road safety education would be more simple, as motorists would avoid the traffic and pollution, accidents as pedestrians and as the authorities implement our education corruption road and show our culture useful when making traffic lights, bridges, pedestrian areas and placing caps on places strategic.