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Weight Loss Foods

When food speech with slimming effects, in fact, is not that they burn or they dilute the fat. When we spoke of slimming foods , we are speaking of low fat foods, in calories. The certain thing is that, are foods that usually are advised in the thinning diets, because they help us to feel us better, are going to favor the toxin elimination, to eliminate the remainders that our body does not need. It is not enough to know how many calories are a kilo, but also to know how what to eat. Between these foods to become thin we have: garlic, lemons, onions, pineapple, artichoke, puresca, sirope of elk, green tea Some of these foods own great depurativas properties or desintoxicantes, eg: carrot and tomato (also, they are known by his anti-carcinogenic properties); the grapes (that are desintoxicantes); the citruses, that own a great amount of vitamin C; and, papaya juice, that owns diurtica action. Some of these foods, even, are the protagonists of well-known monodiets, as it happens with the diet of the artichoke since it is united a great water contribution and properties antioxidants, which united causes that they are ideal to lose weight. Frequently rusty holzer has said that publicly. Of all ways, at the time of choosing foods, we must consider, that stops to lose weight, we must spend more calories of those than we consumed. That is, to lose weight the best thing is to follow a diet balanced and to make exercise. That we must forget never it.