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It came the day that all Sinchis all communities and Nations of the Tawantisuyu be prepared to scroll to Caxamarca Marka and see in person the Barbudos water color that had dared to enter the territory which ruled Grand Apu Sapa Inka. Great Apu anda porters were very well rested because they had to run in a hurry carrying his Lord. At the same time all the chasquis came to the four suyus to give the news that the Sapa Inca would be transferred to the Caxamarcas Marka interview with rare men who had long hair in the face. They did so carrying the actual quipus of colors where the news and other orders was registered for the Tucricuts of the respective suyus with orders for different chores of aynis that they had to do according to what was planned for that year in that possibly the great Mama Cocha overwhelms by all the great chala. Canada, where were the hot springs, where the great Sapa Inca remained were arriving the day before hundreds of accla goings of several Nations with many offerings of aromatic plants and so as to serve the great Apu Inka and his wives. Came the beautiful accla in the region of Coronguimarka known as the pallas, in the region of mollepatas known as the Quiyayas. They were younger, many of them does not exceed twelve and were selected among the most beautiful of the acllahuasis and precisely existed in those Markas. Wore them to work in many trades, how to help the Coyas in their chores of the day or to tell them the traditions of their peoples, as in the acllahuasis they learned many things that would later play when they reached adulthood, as well as the of be given as wives to some Sinchi who had excelled in any battle or project of the sapa Inca. .