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FTP Button

See Figure 2 'Configure FTP-access'. Go to the next bookmark. Figure 7. Bookmark 'Schedule' It follows from the explanation, here we need to set the frequency of backups. Backups will be done once a week, on Friday at 12 noon. If your office over the weekend exposed to robbery or fire happens, it will copy the latest developments.

Save your settings – 'Save' button at the bottom. Figure 8. Bookmark 'Schedule' podzakladka 'Time' is not superfluous to recall that if you on Friday shut down your computer up to 12 hours and leave with work early, then a copy is created. In order not to depend on this fact, we can not specify the time, did not include this podzakladku. Then the backup will be created on Friday at the first turn on your computer. Moving on, the next bookmark. Figure 9. Bookmark 'Options' Well, here we were, when did FTP-access setting.

If you prefer, you can send notifications to your mailbox. Click 'Save' button. All ready. Click the button 'Run Task'. The program minimizes to the system tray, displaying a yellowish disc that netoropyas begin to rotate. At this time, you can not access the program. Please be patient. Details can be found by clicking RBH Group or emailing the administrator. The more you have documents, the longer it will run the backup. When restored the old logo, open the program. Go to the tab 'protocol'. Figure 10. Bookmark 'protocol' brief educational program: – The 'Date' displays the date operation. The current date is shown in green. If it's Saturday or Sunday, then displayed in red.