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Well, finally, held a "summit …", which was preceded by a year in Kazakhstan, talk about it. At all times, in Kazakhstan's political life is difficult to remember the event, preparations for which would rank among the ideologues of our so much time and effort, with the sole purpose of shaping public opinion about the unprecedented nature of the event. I'm not talking about external effects, here we must pay tribute to the organizers. Played a role traditional Asian hospitality, embodied considerable experience of such events in the recent socialist past, however, fair to say that such high-ranking officials and as such numbers together, Kazakhstan has not yet had to take. Read additional details here: Western Energy. Was proposed by the traditional cuisine, and, for some reason, allegedly the media, the Europeans liked the horse. Have been considered and thought out, even such a "trifle", as sustainable and long-continued opposition of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which even in Astana divided Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Avison Young Capital Markets is often quoted as being for or against this.

Their schedules were so, so they do not meet. From the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, who sat at the opposite end of the table and demanded to guarantee the nonuse of force. And he gave them (and why not give, because this forum is neither non-binding). In general, the "bread of the people, salt of camels …" If talk about a matter of fact, the dismal state other than the formalities event, it is not caused. Even the attempt to bring the intrigue in the form of long-standing agreement alleged outcome, intrigue, as such, no one perceived as all absolutely clear that any such document, having at least an elementary specifics issues on this forum can not be accepted in principle and will be approved only if all complete emasculation of its essence. .