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An old idea in fact, found acceptance and to the later world-wide expansion followed the efforts of a man, Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald” s Corporation. Today the tax exemptions are a life form that not even we noticed. We did not think anything when we traveled 1000 miles and we looked for a restaurant or the premises that is to us familiar, still if we are in some place in which never we have been. In these times, it is a good bet that their meals and favorite purchases happen in local franchise-holders and that are available in almost any place. Fabrizio Freda gathered all the information. The principles of the tax exemptions of which McDonald” s was pioneering, that includes the uniform duplication and operating systems standard, today are proven practical of businesses. Tendency no. 4 Well-being: The next industry of trilln.

Some industries are born from the necessity, others of a new technology, and some simply are created because more than 75 million they demand it to people. Source: Fabrizio Freda. Those of the generation of ” Boom of Bebs” , those that were born between 1946 and 1964, are those that they are demanding and obtaining almost everything what they want of the market in these days. Whereas it is a fact that all we are aging, no group of people is more allows of of it that this generation. It does not need to watch beyond the hundreds of trillions of dollars that are spent for year in products and services just by an objective: to make seem them and feel well. Opportunity. These four tendencies, Internet, Distribution the principles of the Tax exemptions and the increasing Industry of the Well-being are and so we tripped. The opportunity comes from the point in which the four are superposed. As well as in the case of the pioneers of Internet, the innovators of the distribution chain, the developers of tax exemptions and those that they look for to take advantage of the present tendencies of well-being. We are sure that within the creative combination of the principles of each of these four tendencies, all an industry of Own Business exists to construct.

Paypal Accounts

How To save Easy Money With Your Account Totally Honest Paypal De Forma At the same time as Aid To Another People. It is important in time of crisis to get out of the jam and not to submerge us in her. Get all the facts and insights with Nir Barzilai, M.D., another great source of information. The countries of the G8 deberian to guide themselves by this page:, to be able to remove to everybody from the crisis. He is indispensable that before putting to work this wonderful idea, is due to give Internet cover to everybody, including the places but recondite so that they can accede to place its businesses by means of electronic payments and they do not have to move to the great cities to remain in interminable rows and to be spent poconon of money. To the resident people in the municipalities, separated regions such as paths them are due to facilitate the things so that they do not emigrate to the cities and it is arrived a little while in which it is not nobody working in the field. It is asked the Governments who put the hand in the heart and think about the less underprivileged class, providing computers in his regions and technology to him. After each person owns a computer at least one by family can be begun a social work teaching the form to make businesses by Internet, as in this page I to them have taught. One is abrir account in Paypal that works in the majority of the countries and of this account electronic savings with a ridiculous contribution take control but which if they are going to help the needed people but, since of grain in grain it fills to the crop the pig. The consigment begins for 6 post office, when it is briefed to them to these, retires the first mail and the one that I brief includes of I complete and begins to promote the saving sending the information by forums, classified, articles, etc., so that after 3 weeks already it has silver in his paypal account and can now have her in time of crisis. Although so that in Colombia access to retirement of the Paypal account is not had, the shipments are not only existed, is something unjust since to nosostros it interests to us to make businesses electronic as it happens in all the countries. To lacked cleverness of our governments who are the only ones that can impel technology in Latin America, and to transfer money of Paypal it is necessary to make another series of ropes as they are abriendo a Banking account in The United States which serious impossible to go until there, are certain intermediaries who offer themselves abrir current accounts without to be resident in that city but the costs is highest and it is not known clearly if they are swindles.


What we must do is to go to the /drupal/sites/default/ folder, to duplicate to the file default.settings.php and to put the name to him settings.php and soon we punctured try againEn the following screen we formed the connection to the BD.Ponemos the name of YOU that we created in 3 step and the user and password of YOU (” root” and ” ” by defect), but he is advisable to change them. We keep and we continued. In the screen that follows we formed our site. Site information Site yam: The name that we want to put (” Sitio” for the example) Site email address: The direction of mail of the site Administrator account Username: The administration user Email address: The direction of administration mail Password: The administration password Confirm password: To confirm password Server settings Default Time zone: To mark the hour zone Clean URLs: To define if to use URLs clean. This option appears deshabilitada if the configuration of also has php it deshabilitada.

Update notifications: To define if to receive or nonnotifications of update of Drupal. We keep and we continued Here we were with a perfectly ready site to begin to personalize it and to introduce to him contained, but this site this in English language, in case of wanting to install other languages is necessary to follow some steps. To change the language of Drupal First that we must do it is to unload the language to us that we wished to install. In are all the translations of Drupal, we unloaded the one that we wish. When we have unloaded we decompressed it to the file in the folder of installation of Drupal.Ahora we went to our site, we go to the list of modules and activated modules ” Content translation” and ” Locale” and we kept. Unit ” Content translation” , it allows that the content is translated in different languages and ” Locale” it adds the functionality of language handling and qualifies the translation of the user interface to languages different from the English. We notice that in the Administer-Site menu building adds a new functionality, Translate interface. We went to this option and we punctured Import to concern the new language.

We load the extension file .po that is in the folder of installation of Drupal profilesdefault ranslations and we put the name to him, and kept. Now we go to Administer-Site configuration- Languages. We notice since addition is had the language, but is necessary to eliminate it and to create it again so that it takes the translations. Therefore, we punctured the option to eliminate that one is next to the language, we verified that we have not been mistaken and eliminated. We go to the Add option language, selected the language and we kept, see as it leaves a bar that shows as the translations of interface are concerned. Finally we mark the language like default, we kept and our site already this in another language. Now if we are ready to activate modules, to change the design of the site, to introduce content, to organize it, in short, they realize that just by to explore the menus is totally possible to create a perfectly functional site and that fulfills the wished requirements.