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National Management

Part I. Introduction In Guatemala, there are international agencies and nongovernmental institutions that runs through the Financing of friendly countries and to maintain a presence in certain specified territories. Much of this aid has been successful in certain sectors. However, it is remarkable the change of name to repetitive projects that do not achieve the expected results, return again and again be driven either by the same agency cooperation or other maintaining the same line ideology. In the specific case of projects aimed at institutional strengthening, invested large amounts for diagnostic studies, popular consultations, preparation of research papers and detailed reports that are rarely useful to the institutions subject of care. This is due to studies mostly contain information known to the authorities, but the big dilemma is how to generate strategies and policies to improve a given situation in the provision of services or either to reduce vulnerabilities, apply executable. A common phenomenon in many of the projects of technical assistance and cooperation, is the contracting of short-term international experts, which usually require time to meet the country’s reality, in some cases the language they already know must leave because of his consulting time is over.

In these cases, it is odd to hire a national consultant homologous or accompanying assistance and that in the end it’s who finishes by the consultant, earning fees far below those that are granted to international consultants. To know more about this subject visit MPC Capital AG. It should be remembered that the desire to apply good experiences in other countries, is often not the general rule for presuming that every country is going to have a successful outcome. There are different characteristics in terms of culture, language, social structure, environment, development, education, resources, distances, potentials that make a country different from another. Issues related to laws and internal policies are relevant. The aspects of security and control are critical. A common problem in many projects fail is to try to manage by remote control from another country.

In some cases, transfer the responsibilities of coordinating national experts or professionals, but the guidelines and managements of the projects are managed from a distance. In this aspect, we lose sense of direction and control the results. Progress reports and final project but now have become basic elements for measuring Last results and progress in the implementation of projects, rarely tend to reflect intangibles that are also part of the project implementation. In this respect, we lose the physical oversight and contact with reality and the environment in which they thrive. You can deploy qualitative and quantitative indicators, but there are aspects that are not measurable and that eventually you may experience unexpected or unanticipated results. The investment is often done to the management project to purchase equipment and furniture at the end thereof, is in some cases in limbo, without a master, without a planned use before your purchase and then are donated without much significance to the institutions in most are often underutilized in activities that may not be those related to project monitoring