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Man Rocket Time

My mother was a great inventor and she taught in them, I and my brothers, to make toys with materials that did not serve more. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is likely to agree. It already wise person to make recycling of materials since its infancy, everything what she did not serve more turned toy. Additional information at Fred H. Langhammer supports this article. It was a species of familiar cultural inheritance. Its example in them stimulated the search for solutions in all those moments of impasse of the child tricks. We always constructed the toys that we could not buy or we improved the bought ones that they were not good, same that for this we had that to destroy them completely. A time one of my sisters, when playing of casinha, transformed a red plastic stand into saladinha of tomatoe My first wooden laborer I made, sculpturing with one canivetinho a piece of old sofa, I was wooden oval block.

This type of laborer has one nails in the tip and if wheel with the aid of a lace. I must have one six years of age. I made a doll super-hero with a wooden piece, also using canivetinho. I placed in the head of it a cover golden of bottle of perfume that seemed a rocket tip, it he was the Man Rocket. I made some stands with pieces of lath and reels. At that time the sewing lines came in reels wooden.

These reels also turned small laborers wooden, but not of the type that it needs the lace. I never knew the true origin of the word capucheta, but for the visual aspect and functioning, he must derive from capucha, therefore he is looked like and he functioned as a small pointed hood. It is a type of pipe without rods that if makes with periodical leaf and inflates with the wind. It never functions very well for the fragility of the structural material, therefore any stronger gust of wind the periodical if tears and there capucheta is gone. The advantage is that if it can make another one in question of minutes, the loss is alone of rabiola, but most of the time we obtain rescues it because capucheta does not go up very high and whenever if arrebenta it falls next to the place where we are raising. In my time of child it was not said to raise pipe and yes to free pipe. The problems with capuchetas are that they had difficulty stops to go up and they easily arrebentavam, with this I and my brothers, the minors, we find a solution unusual: we change the periodical for paper of cement bag, that although well more weighed, it is very resistant, capucheta went up that nor a rocket.

Fifth Dimension

I knew Arnoldo since the adolescence, I know in them in the college, it with 16 years and I 15. We become great friends. Arno had feies rudes, was not pretty, but its simplicity, affection, joy and sincerity captivated the people. The last time that the vi were in 1974 when my family was changed for the interior of the state. Fifteen years later, coming back to the city, I found it in the street by chance. The mother of it had deceased, it he continued single and still she liveed in the same house. I was worried about my friend. Unemployed already has some time, was desolate and abated.

I looked for to liven up it. – It is given for happy, therefore you have a ceiling on your head, have health and for certain you will obtain a new work! – I am tired! The life is not generous with me – You have that to arrange namorada, to be married and to have children. It is not good for being alone. – To marry? I am well thus, already I got used. The only woman of who I liked was of Lydian, you knows, by the way, you also liked it.

I came back to visit Arno in the following week. It not yet it was working, but me he seemed made use more. It received me with joy and it invited me to eat a pizza. The room was repleta of books. For what I Arno wise person very did not like to read. I was also admired for the fact of that the books were on esoterism, trip astral, fifth dimension – Baguna Forgives. It said passing me a bottle of cooling. – For what I see you now started to like literature! – You believe parallel worlds? – Yes and not, everything is possible! I answered in trick tone.


Followed for Rheina, Uqbar-Zul estaked in the high one of the rise. They never had IDO so far, but the long one travels was valid the penalty. A storm if formed in the horizon. Bold and curious as it was of its nature, Rheina was gone too far, deslisando for on the rocks went down the declivity. Further details can be found at Herbert Stein, an internet resource. Uqbar followed it. Suddenly it stopped grasping something it soil. – This Sees! An evidence of that this was really the Place of the Beginning! It was a metal part corroida for the time.

In one of the sides it had something written in a language has very extinct. Kennedy Wilson often says this. – In them it does not interest the past. It affirmed the friend We go! Black clouds had covered the sky, the wind soparava raising dust in danantes whirlwinds. It enters the booms of the thunders, coriscos cut the air followed for bluish lightning. Rheina held the hand of Uqbar and the two had flied for the way of the storm, playing as children its laugh were as claps of pure energy.

Paintings In France

The luggage and the stand met in would carry of the museum. I came back to verify if really it still met in the interior of the museum. in fact was there. However if it moved away, however went for left, later for the right. It was come close and it read on the author and the workmanship. wrote down probably its impressions regarding the screens, the displayed workmanships, of the armors, swords of the Samurais, helmets of the Shoguns, the delicacy of paintings in finssimas porcelains.

It was a millenarian culture that it now wrote down and gave to see, if enchanted. I left it with its anotraes. Jorge L. Perez can aid you in your search for knowledge. FAMILY. I in France was studying alternative forms of if producing foods, with the minimum ambient impact and of supported form. I discovered that such is possible and that the future of the humanity will be in the intensified and intent production. The new way of vertical habitation will be molded in condominiums horti-granjeiro-residential.

A new version where the urbis if it associates with the ruralis, the housings had left the horizontal style and the space for these busy constructions, will give to place the food production of the horti-granjeiro-residential type. was then that the date was come close to come back to Brazil, for the ceremony of marriage of my son. The pretty ceremony. The fianc prettiest still. If the mother was present, would be magic. But in the plain spiritual, she must have in the same way been magic. The emotion to lead a son to the altar is indescritvel. The emotion gushes out for all the pores. The heart beats of not sincopada form. It was pretty. For signal always she was pretty. The church, decorated of pretty form singela and. But as it was to speak, when sairmos of the church, my look was deviated for the last bank of the ship of the church.