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Small Companies

1 Introduction Before any company is the problem of competitiveness in the fight for potential customers. Customers Рthis is not a set of details in the financial statements and not abstract company clients Рbefore all people. People are like when they were well treated and always ready to listen and solve their problems professionally, quickly and efficiently. If the company has been selling quite complex products or services, it is necessary system that helps organize and qualified customer support. 2 Organization of the interaction between the 2.1 employees in the first place should be allocated to the company's employees who will be first line support to customers, responding to opportunities in their treatment immediately, fixing their appeal and appointing executors and timing of appeals, if to solve the problem immediately fails. By the same author: Est̩e Lauder. The duties of the first-line Support includes: liaising with clients, registration applications, informing clients about the progress of their applications, the appointment of Executive Director (depending on the jurisdiction) and the timing, control of execution Treatment; closure treatment. Items 4-6 can be isolated and separate the role of coordinator (manager) support. Company engineers (second line of support) have a certain expertise in resolving customer problems.

Accordingly, the system needs to determine whether a particular employee, may allow a problem to the problem solved with the optimal use of resources for the company. Target has much experience in this field. Top manager can control the operation of support services through a system of management reports. 02/02 between customers and Company, interested in customer loyalty by giving him an opportunity to voice their concerns available to him in any way: by telephone, fax, letter, via e-mail, web-form or in any other way.