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Operations Research

Many of today's specialty in the economic, physical and mathematical and other departments of discipline involves the study of "Mathematical Methods of Operations Research." Extremely important to the use of these methods and tools for solving economic problems. Operations research – a complex discipline, which has important methodological significance in the modern system of training specialists. In this discipline more fully realized the idea of mathematical modeling of economic processes. When solving a specific task management application of operations research includes: – construction economic and mathematical models for decision-making problems in complex situations or conditions of uncertainty – the study of interactions that determine the subsequent decision-making, establishing criteria for e performance that are designed to benefit a particular course of action. y-within-one-year’>Senator Richard Blumenthal. The use of mathematical modeling in economics can enhance quantitative economic analysis, to extend the domain economic information, to intensify the economic calculations. In the economic and mathematical models of the object is the economic process. The examples discussed on this site have been resolved with the help of specially designed mathematical methods. The range of problems studied by operations research, is constantly expanding.

The underlying theme of this course is to build a model of linear programming problems. To a linear programming can be reduced many of the tasks of operations research. It is important to examine in detail the theoretical foundations of linear programming, duality theory, the simplex method and geometrical solutions. Can three stages for solving linear programming: 1. The goal and objectives of the study, conduct a qualitative description of the object in the form of economic model. 2. Formulation of a mathematical model the object being studied. 3. Analysis of mathematical models, the processing of the results.


Want to buy a telescope, but do not know which side to approach him? We will still advise a little look before buying a telescope at all the features of this technique. Learn more at: Murray Weidenbaum. The company Orion is one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes, but like any other manufacturer, Orion has a wide range of models, to understand the beginner, which can not. Category telescopes up to 10 000. In this category there are such as Orion Telescopes model ORION SpaceProbe 3 Altaz Reflector, ORION SpaceProbe 3 EQ Reflector, the difference in these telescopes is the only mount. The telescope has SpaceProbe 3 EQ equatorial mount with slow motion mechanism, and 3 SpaceProbe Altaz has a regular tripod, which is not very convenient for fine adjustment.

Telescopes telescopes are absolutely identical. This is a 76 mm reflector (reflector – reflecting telescope) which is most suitable for observation outside the city. For example, in the country, where of illumination is minimal. Also interesting are models Observer 70mm Altazimuth refractor, Observer 70mm EQ Refractor difference which is also in the mount. Azimuth mount is convenient in that, through a telescope you can watch and ground objects that make on an equatorial mount pretty difficult. More expensive telescopes. The larger the telescope aperture (the diameter of the telescope tube), the higher the quality of the observed image.

Let’s start with reflectors, one of the most popular models to 20 000r. is SpaceProbe 130 EQ and its improved version, SpaceProbe 130ST EQ Telescope which has a shorter pipe and other improvements. Aperture telescope can peer into the depths of deep space, and consider the details planets of the solar system. ORION AstroView 6 EQ is in the price range between 20 000 and consists of a reflector (mirror telescope) on an equatorial mount, and has an aperture of 150 mm would be perfect for the serious beginner astronomers, because with this telescope you can walk along the Orion Nebula, as well as look into other parts of the universe. Portable telescopes. Telescope StarMax 102mm EQ Compact ‘Mak’ is a compact telescope system Maksutov-Cassegrain on an equatorial mount. Despite the fact that the telescope can fit in a bag, and has a compact tube, it has amazing features such as aperture 102 mm, excellent optics system Maksutov-Cassegrain with multi-coated. Complete with equatorial mount EQ-2 German type with setting circles and slow motion knobs. Also in the lineup Orion is a gift and telescopes. This is all known model refractor ORION Aristocrat 60mm. Ypolnenna model in bronze and wood.

Probabilistic Model

Currently, the popular scientific literature on cosmology, and increasingly mysterious glimpses of the concept – "dark matter", "dark energy". Learn more about this topic with the insights from Edward Minskoff. Part of the scientific community is busy searching for these wonderful things, and think that is about to find them really! But maybe it's easier and you should not look for what is not? A thought experiment: at the bottom of a large empty box in its center, put a handful of pebbles and gently shake box. O wonder! Pebbles from creeping cents a box away from each other. Maybe it also is with the galaxies and in all "fault" accident? In modern cosmology adopted a homogeneous isotropic model of transient hot universe. This model is confirmed by Hubble astronomer open the effect of "divergence" of the galaxies according to the law v = H r, (1) 1: v – velocity Removal of extragalactic objects; H – Hubble constant; r – the distance between the extragalactic objects. However, on the mechanism of this "recession" undecided at the moment is not produced. It is unclear What are the forces that cause expansion of the universe affect its gravitational contraction. In 2, 3, 4, 5 associated with the expansion of the Universe, "dark energy" of unknown origin, but here there is an additional question of whether "Dark matter" which affects the dynamics of galaxies, and greatly superior to the mass of ordinary matter. Is it possible explanation of the "divergence" of galaxies without the "multiplication of entities", ie the introduction of the reality of "dark energy"? Consider the behavior of the parts of the universe, as the probability of a system containing a set of objects, performing a random movement in space.

Baleyskom Sretensky

While in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, the U.S. continues to rage major forest fires, other regions of Earth fills the big water. Large forest fires are raging in Russia over an area of 348.1 hectares in Trans-Baikal region, the forest is burning in six municipalities. And the area of forest fires, unfortunately, continue only increase. Since the beginning of fire risk period 1000 recorded 125 forest fires in area 37 000 799 hectares. Chita forest protection air base conducts regular aerial reconnaissance forest fire situation in Chita, and Baleyskom Sretensky areas. Ukraine also covered the forest fires. Large pockets ignition observed in seven areas.

In Chernihiv region covered by the fire were 350 ha of land. Try to put it out with 850 people using 74 units of fire and special equipment, including fire-AN-32P. In Kharkiv region area of fire up to 500 hectares. Wood burns in Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Lugansk and Kherson regions and Crimea. Fortunately, no victims and survivors.

But in China, Nepal and West Africa, other element – the flood. Three people were killed and more than 1.3 million affected by the strong rains in tsentralnokitayskoy Hubei Province. In some areas of disaster in four days received more than 200 millimeters of precipitation. Triggered by rainfall floods and mudslides have destroyed thousands of homes 1.3, destroyed 115 hectares of farmland. In Nepal, over 25 thousand people fled their homes because of floods that swept the eastern areas of the country along the River Kosi. The disaster caused by prolonged rains which have led to overflow of the river bed.