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For event catering, but also for private (Suhl), one of the leading representatives in the area of convenience-food and concept providers in terms of vending machines and slush-ice, Mr. Milli in Suhl, offers its customers not only the opportunity to purchase everything related to the slush-ice product, but also the necessary for the production of the cult drink slush-ice dispenser short and medium term to rent. This saves investment costs and offers the possibility to test its location on the product slush-ice out. Mr. Mahmoud gives the possibility to generate sales with the slush-ice trend product, to give the trendy twist to the private party event be providers this also. Entrepreneurs profit from the competent support by the professional. It starts with a professional location analysis of the object to mount and the recommendations concerning the appropriate place of installation, to a rapid handling of the cult beverage, a successful combination of soft drink and water ice, to secure.

It follows a professional advice to the most best suitable slush ice machine, to maximize the possibilities of operation/events. The product slush-ice has ice through the uniform appearance of slush machines and brightly colors of the product that is well exposed in the crystal clear containers of the machine, already a high recognition value. In addition advertising stands and other advertising materials help the most brand-loyal customers, to make visible the coveted product. Perfectly coordinated product lines and a wide range of slush-ice guarantee the quality of the sold product raw materials, which can immediately be involved about Mr. Milli. This pays off also, that Mr.

Milli distributes the brand-name product Monster slush, the very high quality, made in Germany slush used raw materials. This, the consumer gives the advantage to buy a product that is guaranteed to be free of artificial dyes and free of preservatives. To ensure a successful start in the production of slush-ICES the slush ice machine also trained operators and sent to the already fast and easy handling as well as the hygienic cleaning of the device. Flowing shines more light on the discussion. Because thanks to the fact that the summer drink slush-ice is a young product in Germany, which has existed for decades but for example in the United States, the machine operator can benefit from an already mature and everyday technology. It does not matter whether the slush-ice is rented machine just for one day, so a private party or event, for a season, or even for a longer period of time. Mr. Mahmoud offers rental models from one day up to 48 months on.