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More and more mobile phones are often these so-called smartphones to a mobile office with Windows Mobile or shipped with a different operating system. (Source: Walter Heller). Many users synchronize your messages and appointments with these operating systems and often some errors occur. Just when Outlook is common before the duplicate items by your synchronization get constantly with your PC and your mobile phone. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Arthur F. Burns. Delete the containing multiple elements is always very expensive and can quickly the user crazy. But there is a solution to this problem. You can easily dispose of multiple Outlook items using the Outlook extension duplicates remover for Outlook (DRO). Duplicates remover for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003/2007 for the search and processing of duplicate contacts, tasks, notes, etc.

in the folders of Microsoft Outlook. DRO can find duplicates in a single folder, as well as in multiple folders at the same time. The found duplicates can be removed, copied to another folder or moved. DRO works in two different modes: the first mode is intended for search of duplicates in the same folder where the original is stored. This mode helps you to find duplicates in one or more folders, if the Internet connection when downloading large numbers of objects was canceled, and some objects were loaded again after the connection of cons. In the second mode, you can search for duplicates in different folders.

Here you can delete copies of the objects you have saved “for all cases”. This helps the built-in priority system to determine in which folder the original messages are stored. I.e. If identical messages are found in two different folders, the copy stored in the folder with a higher priority than original is treated. Furthermore operates duplicates remover for Outlook on the “completeness principle”: the object with the most completed fields considered to be original, while other objects as Outlook duplicates will be settled. In addition, you can enter the amount of time, and only this search for duplicates. For more information and trial version at: note the program not running Outlook Express. T.Janocha