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A Real Change Of Attitude 3rd Part Strengthens Your Mind

1 It caresses your mind daily with positive thoughts and words. Words have an infinite power; they radiate a frequency absorbed by molecules (ordered and disordered). A leading source for info: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. It is verified that a body degrades faster when exposed to stress, in fact, the people you can get sick by what he thinks and what he says. Advantage: a positive word has 100 times more power that a negative. Since thou risest, by more flojera que tengas, starts telling you that I feel good, beautiful day, I have wanted to work or what comes to you.

You start lying, but with time, you will end up it I believe. Start now and in a span of 30 days begin to see results. Stick a sign in the water than Thomas (who well I will drop this water) and pimping your dish at the restaurant to give him good vibes to what you swallow. As well as these there are many examples to strengthen your mind and change your attitude. Remember that the words will transform your thoughts; change your way of speaking and change your way of thinking; change your way of thinking and change your way of doing things. EXPERIMENT: put rice in 2 bottles of gerber. In a bottle hitting a positive word in another refusal. You will discover that it will withstand longer without spoil the rice with the positive word.

2. Have faith in something and it will manifest. We are able to create magic around our thoughts are magnificent; the positive attracts the positive, the negative attracts negative. Your inner genius grants. When you want something repeat you I deserve to have that job, I deserve that car, I deserve that House (deserve deserve deserve), some day will get it. Similarly, when you are critiquing, repeat you cancel, cancel, cancel so don’t miss the criticism to your subconscious. Asks what you want that he is achieved:-ask for it exactly; Whom God speaks to not hear it. Write your ideal life, imagine yourself already in possession of your dream and remember it all the time. -Talk much: between more minds involved in your desire, easier will be fulfilled. -Move; It acts. While the 2 previous points are helpful to attract your desires, we must also take action on our part; otherwise it would be like to love you winning the lottery without buying the ticket. 3 Laugh harder than normal (smiles), and generate a positive frequency was discovered that acts of kindness increases your vibratory frequency. The Act of simple kindness is gratitude; a simple thanks, a smile, or say nice things (compliments) others will increase your frequency vibration, and more high vibrate faster magnetizaras what you think. 4. To whatever you resist persists. Be careful with the Word no; never say don’t want that, because everything that you don’t want to happen is going to be happening, since the mind does not understand the word not and capture it as an order. SOLUTION: change the word not for other disclaimers; uses the words: evita, rejects, or, etc. O use positive words, putting the phrases positive. EXAMPLE: Phrase with not: I don’t want to reject. Best di: I want to pass the exam. Or better yet: I will go well in the test. With this article I will conclude with this topic on how to achieve real change in our attitude, I hope to put into practice these tips because they truly work, will see that their lives will improve in all aspects. -J.R. Monttor complete series of articles (enters qui) original author and source of the article