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Instruction On Accounting. Key Provisions

January 19, 2011 was officially published the Russian Finance Ministry order dated December 1, 2010 157n, which approved the unified chart of accounts and instructions on its use. (Order is registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice December 30, 2010. Its provisions apply to legal relationships arising from 1 January 2011). So changes were necessary, regulation approved: – A single chart of accounts for government agencies (Government agencies), local authorities, governing bodies of state budget funds, state academies of science, government (municipal) agencies – Manual application of the Uniform Chart of Accounts for public authorities (government agencies), local authorities, governing bodies of state budget funds, the state academies of science, government (municipal) institutions (hereinafter – the Instruction). With the entry into force of the order number 157n repealed instructions on fiscal accounting, approved by order of the Russian Ministry of Finance dated 30 December 2008 148n. Please note that due to the fact that the order number 157n into effect on January 1, 2011, respectively, and all business transactions from that date should be recorded in accordance with a pending order. At Here, by analogy of past years can be assumed that the order of the transition to new accounting rules will be brought by individual recommendations, the Ministry of Finance of Russia. So the basic requirements in the general part of the Regulations sets out the main requirements for the accounting of public (municipal) institutions. Among the innovations can be distinguished appearance determine the accrual method, and in revised instructions included requirements for reporting agencies to reflect the changes made to the legislation of the Russian Federation Law 83-FZ, the concept of the working chart of accounts.

Economic Development

Vendors wishing to participate in the auction, must make these funds from their account to an electronic platform at the time of tendering. Calculations show that the total volume of public procurement on the same trading floor of 980 billion rubles, annual providing for a bidder (supplier) range from 4.9 to 49 billion rubles. Given that the recognition of trades have taken place, the law requires at least two vendors who have submitted an application for involved, the minimum amount of security will be from 10 to 100 billion rubles. Under current regulations, the provision is put on the site for a period of not less than 20 days. With the average bank rate on account balances at 3 – 4% annum, the income of an electronic platform could be about 4 billion rubles a year.

It is these funds are the main type of income electronic trading platform. Compared with income from the procedure Logistics the trades, amounting to 3,000 rubles for one auction is irrelevant. In order to justifiably claim to be the successful integration of the new electronic platform in the list of selected Ministry of Economic Development, must meet the following conditions: an electronic marketplace should have a long successful history in the field of electronic tendering; platform should be a strong brand in banking environment. For example, the five currently-selected sites, real leadership in this market segment are only two: Sberbank AST, a subsidiary of OAO Sberbank of Russia "and OAO Unified electronic marketplace "- a subsidiary of Bank of Moscow"; platform should have the necessary technical foundation for the deployment and operation of such software. Area should have regular staff with extensive experience in the field of electronic trading; Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the creation of an electronic trading platform for placing public contracts – a process time-consuming and not one day. But at the current level of legal protection against unfair competition, even a young company in the performance of all the above conditions can create their own trading area.