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History Of Wigs

Some time ago there was an opinion that the wearing of wigs lot of ladies in the elderly, or people suffering from hair loss. However, in modern times, this statement can be considered obsolete. Today, wigs and false strands are a lot of people, including not having a problem with the hair. Wigs today – it's an element of style, they allow instant change of appearance, with a return to its former shape back will not make labor. The more so because their range is very wide – natural hair wigs, synthetic, polupariki, false hair. In other words, wigs buy today will not cause much trouble.

But the situation was not always so. Wigs in its history (it has more than one hundred years) have undergone many changes. Historians found that transforms the current wigs have appeared in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs and rich people have wigs natural hair, but ordinary people were making them from all sorts of scrap materials of wool, horse hair, feathers, tow. The main purpose of wigs of the time – protection from the sun. It was only after a time they become one of the attributes of power, consistency.

Their appearance changed as well – their construction is more complex, added volume. When Pharaoh's government even established a special office responsible for manufacture of wigs. Over time, the fashion for wearing wigs has spread to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. In Persia, the right to wear wigs were only kings, while in Greece they were used more part as props in theater productions, but in the Roman Empire wig used only by women. In the Russian Empire under Peter the wigs appeared 1. Women liked the new fashion, the military just as well he was received, and clergy's long resisted this innovation. Nowadays, greater popularity of wigs came in the early 20th century, the second wave began in the 60s, the third – in the 80s. To this period of sale of wigs was already on territory of nearly all countries in the world. Wigs can buy all kinds – natural, artificial, with different hair styles and forms. Over the years wigs have experienced many changes. A related site: Edward J. Minskoff Equities mentions similar findings. Now free sale wigs allows each person to create any image, not afraid of the boldest experiments. You can choose the most courageous decisions, to try something new, do not fear. Indeed, to return back home hair is not will be a big problem!

“Golden Silk” More Effective !

"Golden silk" – a program of adequate nutrition for hair. It has long been appreciated regular users of the brand. For old and new friends at the "Golden Silk" is joyous news went on sale new – Shampoo "Golden Silk" in the new format with 400 ml of an improved formula. 30% gentler cleansing, more soft! New packaging saves 30% of the funds. The secret of improvements – a soft base + complex "Shelkosil – design lab "Folk Art". The formula "Shelkosil + soft foundation gives the hair softness unprecedented, strength and luster of silk thread, reconstructs the structure of hair, protects from any damage. Efficiency provide three main components: a silk protein, milk protein, keratin peptides. Four steps in hair care – all that is needed for maximum effect: hair growth 1.Aktivizatsiya oil-activator of hair growth will prepare the scalp to perception of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, masks.

It activates the system of hair growth, restores their structure, awakens to an active life even the "dormant" origins. 2.Ochischenie type of shampoo should match the type of your hair and be picked up in accordance with the problem to be solved. Such problems of hair, as hair loss, lack of volume, color saturation, brightness now successfully solved with the range shampoos "Golden Silk" 400 ml with an improved formula. 3.Zaschita balm gives your hair a satin soft. Exclusive formula envelops each hair "silk cocoon" to protect from any damage.

You can 4.Pitanie give your hair an intensive rehabilitation with the help of masks. They breathe life-giving force in the hair health and beauty. Now you can restore even badly damaged hair. It’s believed that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala sees a great future in this idea. Developer brands physician dermokosmetolog Natalia Pavlova, recommends a program of individual hair care "Golden Silk" for anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy and beautiful.