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Why A Children’s Garden ?

A few decades ago, almost no question on whether to give a child in kindergarten. This was considered a convenient and economical for the parents and a good pastime for kids. In modern society, the rate of which so swift that can not even pause for a moment and look back into society, where in such a crazy pace and brought up children grow, there are always discussions on the question of whether the child needs kindergarten. Response experts and psychologists is unambiguous: we need. Needed precisely because the nursery – a special world with its laws, with his life, adapted to the abilities and desires of children. Kindergarten, of course, must be properly organized, it should work not just competent teachers, and people who came to the children at the behest of the heart.

Unfortunately, our society is not always possible. Still, education in kindergarten better home primarily because of the child's placement in group peers. At home, creates a certain isolation of the baby. Classes are a group of children, such as dancing and music 2-3 times a week, can not correct the situation. A small child, who is constantly at home, can not but feel his isolation from the outside world. By 3 years of the baby is already fully aware of his "self" and is able to survive without an alarm a short separation from her mother, while in kindergarten. Give the child up to 3 years in kindergarten only, provided that he has good health, both physical and moral. Enormous role played by the possibility of communication, because communication – is the most important way to a meeting with the world and make meaning of experience. In kindergarten children learn to gradually trust each other and benefit from communicating with one another pleasure: the children come up with the game, with eating, whispering about something else, understandable only to them, fantasize and make up all kinds of stories.