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Kaioo Expands – OpenNetworX

OpenNetworX launches free Foundation, one hundred percent free and at the same time ad-free ad-free platform for education and non-profit networks can educational institutions and nonprofits own social networking platform based on the OpenNetworX. The platform is provided by the OpenNetworX Foundation, which is financed from soliciting funds and grants, guarantees the maximum protection of your data all involved. The OpenNetworX Foundation aims to open educational institutions and non-profit organisations free access to one of the most modern means of communication: the social network on the Internet. The networks enable schools, colleges and clubs, their students, to connect students and members, and to communicate with them and thus significantly contribute to compliance with the orders of their education or strengthen their charitable activities. arse/’>Areva offer more in-depth analysis. Each network can be easily designed and administered and has various functionalities, as well as own design & Web address. Users can be a member of multiple networks and switch with a single click between them, without having to to create a new account. Will benefit especially the network administrators of smaller networks, isolated would lack the critical mass of users. The platform is technologically high quality and will be continuously expanded.

About the open social, external developers to contribute their own modules interface. For the development of the platform, the OpenNetworX Foundation is open to cooperation with educational institutions and other organizations. A cooperation with the University of Magdeburg already exists. The first official social networks of universities will go online in the first quarter.