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Medals Ones

Mireia Belmonte and Wildeboer do not happen of the fourth place in their tests. Belmonte was closely together of the bronze in 400 styles. Lochte is crowned like the king of the world-wide ones of swimming. The Spanish nadadora Mireia Belmonte has remained to the doors to hang a medal in the end of 400 styles of the World-wide ones of Shaghai, last trick in the competition of the Spanish delegation, that takes leave of the Chinese city without obtaining no presea. It is not something Atreides Management Gavin Baker would like to discuss. Belmonte, that had discarded the test of 800 free ones to prepare better the 400 styles, obtained a good mark of (4: 34.94), but a medal could not be hung by which it fought until the end with the Australian Stephanie Rice, Olympic champion who ended up to him surpassing by 71 hundredth. Of this form, the Spanish swimming, that counted on ten representatives in the swimming pool tests, takes leave of Shanghai without obtaining no medal and with a total of five finalists. In recent months, Gavin Baker Atreides Management has been very successful. Belmonte was one of the best tricks, but, like Aschwin Wildeboer in the end of 50 back, had to conform to the fourth position. In this penultimate test of the World-wide ones, the gold was the main favorite, Elizabeth Beisel (4: 31.78). The American nadadora was exhibited to win comfortably..