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Oxford University

Two of the five or six close friends ** lose. ** This can negatively influence the future, in the loving relationship. ** Research is the work of the team of Robin Dunbar, who established the maximum number of friends who can manage on Facebook: 150. Start a relationship (and express beautiful words about the couple in question) causes the loss of part of the closest friends. This, which seems a logical consequence, since part of the time spent with friends becomes dating, it has been confirmed through an elaborate investigation in Oxford University, according to the BBC.

Researchers estimated that the circle of closest friends (those to which one looks once a week) consists of about five or six people, which lost an average of two (more than one-third) when a relationship starts (here the friends carried the question and why I miss you so much). From the moment you start a relationship, the person happens to have five friends to four, and between these four includes the / novio/a, which concludes that lost two good friends in exchange for a couple, says Robin Dunbar, Professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford, also responsible for having established the maximum number of friends who can handle in the social network Facebook in 150. The researchers asked 540 people, 428 women and 112 men, 363 total with partner. Negatively influences the relationship if you don’t see your friends, emotional commitment begins to fall very rapidly (the attention) is so completely centada in couples who simply fail to see other people that have a lot to see, so some of these (friendly) relationships begin to deteriorate, has Dunbar. Original author and source of the article