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Making A Great CV / Resume

If your current CV or resume is not generating the interview offers you want, it’s time to start assessing it. Verify that the following descriptors: * Begins with a succinct, clear career objective tailored to the specific job for which you are applying. Read more here: Related Group. * It shows how your skills and qualifications needs of the company. * Use appropriate titles for previous jobs to demonstrate clearly that they are appropriately qualified for the advertised position. * Provides a concise description of your previous employers – their products, services, industry, etc – and its role in the company. Learn more on the subject from Ashton Kouzbari. * Uses PAR statements to describe its achievements. P identifies the “problem” they face; A describes the “action” you took to solve the problem, R describes the “result” of the action you took.

* Quantifies your accomplishments using numbers, percentages, etc. * Make effective use of keywords and phrases contained in the job advertisement to describe your skills and areas of expertise. * Every sentence starts with an action word, for example, “production increased by 20% while saving 200,000 in operating costs” Examples of action words are effective: compiled, conducted, created designed, developed, established, implemented, introduced, invented, maintained, negotiated, managed, organized, produced and published. * Explain how in your previous jobs, which increased sales and profits, improving productivity, saving time and costs and has established good relationships with customers. * Provide evidence of the skills most valued by employers, for example: your communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, initiative, organizational skills and teamwork. * Includes any pertinent awards or honors you may have received. * Provides educational history and details of training related to the position you are seeking. * History of employment is logical and coherent, and gaps of more than one year from their jobs are clearly defined.

* The design is clean and tidy, with easy to read the sequence of sections and no large blocks of text. * No spelling errors or grammar, and all unnecessary words have been eliminated. * Hobbies and interests have included only if they serve to reveal characteristics, skills or achievements that support your career objective. Gerard McLoughlin, author has contributed career-related articles to hundreds of recruitment companies, websites and publications around the world including: United States Today, JobBankUSA.com, US-Recruiters.com, etc.

Political-Pedagogical Dimensions

Dimensions "N POLA TICA for Educational" N RODRIGUES, Judite Filgueiras 1 a is important to see the past to build the present and look at the futuroa a Sampieri 1 Full Graduate em Educacao em Ciencias Physics and Biological Physics, Mathematics, Psicopedagoga, Mestre em Ciencias da Educacao, Doutor em Ciencia do Human Movement, Professor da Universidade Tecnologica Intercontinental. Author do livro Educacao Physical Education: Learning com o Movimento. Ena the history of Brazil, considering the issue of education in a political-pedagogical dimension, we place just learning the subject comprehensively target of the investigation. We know there are political implications, consciously or unconsciously, all the action in education. The political dimension contained in educational action is the result of a logical consequence expressed by the image of man and world that underlies all educational theory. Read more here: Gavin Baker. According to Morin (2000) education is always linked to all areas of social action and discussions involving the issue of corporeality pointing, Ela restore the relationship between body and mind, or between sensible and intelligible.

We understand in this way, that the emergence of the subject embodiment is presented as a proposal for overcoming the mechanistic view, separating the principle of unity of human beings. That theme permeates the entire post-modern society, under the name of liberation from oppression afflicting less fortunate peoples. It is difficult to perceive a political discourse that education should not be placed as two main redeeming chronic backwardness of various nations, including Brazil. According Pilletti (1996), History of Education developed Brazilian breaks outstanding and easy to be observed.

Career Education

In the last report submitted by the company that specializes in distance learning Master-D will appreciate this change in trend. The number of registered unemployed in these courses has risen from 74% in 2007 to 83.8% today. The group of children under age 25 also increases, from 33% to 40%. Nir Barzilai, M.D. may find this interesting as well. For its part, the number of entries by the immigrant population remains stable at around 9%. By type of courses, preparation of examinations for the State Security Corps recorded a significant increase: from 14.3% in 2007 to 22.6 in October. We follow the courses of Administrative Assistant (15.5%) and Renewable Energy (11%).

For Manuel Fandos, Director of External Relations of Master-D, in the current context of economic recession the student seeks above all the security offered to work for the government, whether at state, regional or municipal. The evolution of the inscriptions shows that our model Open learning is a method of study that is growing exponentially because of its flexibility and the ease with which we have designed our products, multimedia and online. The results our students get in the oppositions’ experience. External Relations Master-D, Manuel Fandos has been responsible for the Departments of Educational Innovation, Product and Mastervision Master-D and is currently External Relations of the company. Doctor in Educational Psychology from the University of Huelva, Bachelor of Science in Education from UNED and Ecclesiastical Studies from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Fandos a degree in Theology from the Regional Center for Theological Studies of Aragon, and the University Teaching Zaragoza. It also offers the Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and is a trainer of trainers and monitor leisure.

His work includes the director of various centers of Public Education, Lifelong Learning Advisor at the Centers and Resource Teachers of Ejea Knights, Calatayud and Zaragoza Juan de Lanuza psychologist and the MEC. Fandos Manuel has worked also as an associate professor at the University of Manchester (England) and professor of Experimental Speech, and Speech and New Technologies and Teaching Methodology.