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Mechanical Orange

And God me granted to it. Voltaire. Hugo Chavez follows owning. For a long time he has been coming causing to Colombia, his nearer enemy. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Parsons. To the United States, their hated enemy more. To Israel, for being enemy of his Arab friendly, and now he added in his list to the Netherlands.

Holland is member of the NATO that groups 28 nations. If we told all those which the Lunatic Colonel wants to face, we have almost to a quarter of the planet. Of something we can practically be safe: war is going to have. Details can be found by clicking CohBar or emailing the administrator. It would be the first initiated intercontinental conflagration in Latin America. That makes him feel important.

The reason by that it added to Holland between his adversaries, is because according to their commentaries, the United States is arming until the teeth to Aruba and Curazao to attack it. Perhaps it is right. Ever since he took the power, and without incitement, the colonel walks buying arms and coming up with to end the empire. It was allied with Russia and Iran, that are not smaller words. What tries that it makes the United States, to cross itself of arms? When an individual like Chvez, from little intellectual caliber, very horribly with a complex, because of pretty it does not have anything, gets to obtain a power so grown, its narcisista obsession becomes greater. It is already part of books of history and cartoons. It has everything what a man can wish materially, product of his skill in the embezzlement. Its glorious objective is to take the hegemonic power from the continent, something that nobody tried. His faithful minion, Evo Morales, follows the step to him, astonished, by to have obtained in his feudo just like he, being an inexpert total.