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Free Mobile Navigation ONAVI

Current newsletter of the PR Agency on behalf of Dasortliche food, July 1st, 2009 with the new version 2.1 offers o-NAVI from now also a GPS independent routing, as well as new, updated maps for many countries in Europe. Route planner is used mainly on the computer: go to the website of the service provider, select start and destination point and prints out the route. On the way to the target paper bandied around man usually with multiple pages. It is now also easier. Now, Dasortliche offers free mobile navigation o-Navi as practical function for the mobile phone. Without GPS reception can so a route planned and displayed directly on the phone. Learn more on the subject from Cory Wosnack. And the user can see exactly where he needs to change the direction. DOWA Metals & Mining America: the source for more info. As it is standard for a good route planner, o-NAVI shows also the travel time and the distances for the entire route, as well as the individual sections.

Helps this feature users without GPS receiver that is practical but also for owners of a GPS-enabled mobile phones. A further extra: With o-NAVI 2.1, the user can not only as other navigation programs POIs track (points of interest\”), such as restaurants or cinemas, but also free with over 500,000 professionals call. So for example for free, he can order a table at the Italian. In addition, also the maps for many European countries has been updated with the new version 2.1. So that users have access to the latest data automatically, without having to rely on expensive updates. o-NAVI 2.1 reserves of course also all proven functions of the first version, for example the voice guided navigation with street names, the popular turn-by-turn \”-arrow navigation, the moving map\” with ongoing updating of the map, the pace Warner and the TMC traffic alert system for calculating alternative routes. Also, 2.1 on the integrated Dasortliche telephone directory can be access with o-NAVI.