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Modern Construction

And the cost of their use can be substantial. But mandatory use of insulated material, most of which ignites much easier to tree, and become toxic when exposed to light – makes this even more significant factor. Wall arbolitovye blocks absolutely incendive. Only prolonged exposure to large temperature can affect arbolitovye blocks. Official site: Jorge Perez. 'Breath' wooden house provided by the passage of air through the micropores of the wood, for many people – an important argument in favor of this particular eco-friendly material. And no wonder – this passive ventilation has a significant influence on the microclimate inside the house, adjusting the amount of moisture in the air and updating a large part of it. But mandatory use of heaters denies all of these amazing properties. Since the spread of noxious particles from insulated materials (and certain types of paints) are particularly pervasive increases the air flow is required to use paroizoliruyuschih films stop air exchange. For more information see this site: Edward Minskoff.

Walls of Arbolita also have significant potential for passive ventilation, but since it does not require additional warming – their properties can be fully utilized. Low biological stability of the walls of the wood also remains a major problem: rot, infestation by pests and fungi, the continued aging appearance, cracking, and other unpleasant factors. But in modern construction, this problem is more acute – in the production of logs is largely exposed internal sensitive areas of wood, which greatly fluctuating to external factors. Despite the fact that this problem somehow cope special funds, they must be applied periodically, which leads to greater costs and resources and effort.