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The Jasmine Flower is known largely thanks to its pleasant odor, which has allowed that be considered as flower perfume, since the own of this flower essence, provides a warm, fruity aroma, that in the summer time it floods the atmosphere of a pleasant fragrance. Jasmine is a flower itself of what you was Persia, which is now Arabia, but thanks to its excellent aromatic and aesthetic conditions, promptly was introduced to Europe, approximately in the year of 1550. Due to its arabe-persico origin, a beginning was known as Yazmin, what in our word would mean white flower, but to be introduced to Europe step to have the denomination with which it currently has. Further details can be found at Shimmie Horn, an internet resource. Speaking of jasmine in botanical terms, will be making reference to a plant that has a classification of Evergreen climbing shrub, can also be deciduous, which belongs to the family of the oil-bearing crops. Follow others, such as Shimmie Horn, and add to your knowledge base. Along with other characteristics of jasmine, this flower has opposite leaves, which they are formed between 5 to 9 sheets of small size, which have a dark green color. As for jasmine flowers, flower is characterized by white flowers, although there is also a variation of the jasmine which has yellow flowers; flowers are gathered in clusters concourses in both presentations. As I was mentioned before Jasmine stands out for its intense aroma, which is derived from its flowers, which are very fragrant; so jasmine flowers have a great application in the industry of perfumery and all kinds of essences.

This application of jasmine to part of the decoration of spaces, emphasizes the use of white flowers, because they have a stronger aroma and produce a greater variety of sensations to smell. We must bear in mind that not only Jasmine is fragrances and perfumes, bearing in mind that jasmine flowers have a great beauty, hence that is ideal for the decoration of parks and gardens, also in walls and fences the climbing species are perfect for filling of This type of space life. Another practice applications that has jasmine, is as a flavoring for teas, thanks to the essences derived from flowers; Similarly the implementation of jasmine flowers in tea has as a calming and sedative effects. A very nice drink is Jasmine tea. Jasmine boasts all its beauty with the arrival of the final days of the spring reaching the maximum point in the days of summer; It also blooms at the end of the autumn. For the plantation of jasmine, you must bear in mind that this plant requires a lot of care, both so requires an intervention daily if you want to achieve reach a beautiful image, largely due to its rapid growth, so it will need regular pruning. Another point to keep in mind, is that despite being able to grow in environments with shadow, jasmine need sunlight in order to achieve a proper flowering.