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Feng Shui Decoration

Feng Shui translates as 'wind and water'. It is an ancient science of the interaction energy of the world, man and his home. With the art of feng shui can rebuild their lives, to bring prosperity to the house, to acquire second half. The very principle of Feng Shui is based on attracting and generating the energy of Chi that is the creative energy of the universe. Westfield may help you with your research. Chi energy is otherwise also called "breath of life ', it permeates everything, fills, it flows, changes, accelerated or stagnate. Feng Shui helps to keep the CI in equilibrium and balance.

When Qi stagnates, it becomes negative qualities and is converted into energy Sha. If this energy is predominant in the house that the tenants can pursue the failure, if a person is permeated with energy IRA, he falls ill. If the home or near home are sharp objects and corners, then the Chi into a SHA-Chi, it becomes destructive, such energy like a knife cutting the space. Feng Shui works with the concepts of five elements. It is believed that the world consists of five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, water.

These elements interact with each other and create certain conditions. Elements can communicate with each other creating: wood> fire> earth> metal> water. The five elements vzaimodeysvuyut and hitting each other: wood> earth> water> fire> metal. The elements of these five elements are drain each other: wood> water> metal> ground> fire. Knowing the basic elements of interaction printsypy and principles of the movement of qi energy, you can create for themselves a paradise on earth, the opportunities appear every day, wealth increase, health will recover, life will delight you every day and will bring you pleasant surprises.

Accommodation Web

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