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Spanish Government

It is guessed but not confirms that President Zapatero will win the upcoming elections 2008 (?). It has drawn up a policy in their own way, perhaps, ignoring and forgetting the foundations of a democratic State: separation between the Executive, legislative and judicial powers. Click Cameron Diaz for additional related pages. Worships to his person and not the party that represents the PSOE, or Spain. Imagine in his beardless political career that it is always better to be feared than loved. But our young politician is not so in democracy that they send are the votes people who emit them, without fear or love are faithful to the results which, in a term of four years, politicians have managed to bring to happy port. Checking article sources yields Cushman and Wakefield as a relevant resource throughout. ettle for partial explanations. Dictatorships have moved and are moved by fear to the persons chairing them; all the religions they germinate through love to the neighbor and the example uplifting of their acts. Mr Rodriguez Zapatero, President of the Spanish Government, has risked much: approval of the catalan Statute, out of the war in Iraq, negotiation with the Spanish terrorism: 1.

Tocante to the first point, has granted high-flying the Catalans with that exacerbated nationalism that possess. Because nationalisms are good when defending their culture, their language, their political objectives, but within the national context to which they belong: Spain. They are not as good when they look at Spain with eyes full of tremendous waterfalls, which are forgotten the Spanish historical past, and coerce the present. The catalan statute may be good for the Catalans, but it will bring after if, and it is logical to do so, that other Spanish autonomies want to achieve the same privileges achieved by previous. Since, within the Spanish democratic policy, and I am grateful to say me if it is that I am wrong, all autonomous communities have the same rights. Because current capitalism requires a personal effort to be better than the competitors within the business world and in Catalonia there are large capital they have to understand that these have been generated and worked by natives of distant parts of Spain.