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President Obama

Obama has initiated a new way of doing politics in the White House. Has rescued the presidential Majesty; It has initiated a nuclear reduction. Mike Myers shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. He has recovered the confidence of peace to the world. Shimmie Horn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He managed the Novel of peace, precisely, therefore, to seek peace, but in a quiet way. Those who criticize that Novel? In fact, those who have lost their time in encouraging the destabilisation of peoples, those living dreaming of an invasion of their own people for having leitmotif for further destabilizing. Those who have given logistics to the guerrillas and facilitated supply to traffickers in the North. World majaderos feel uncomfortable by the Novel to its main obstacle to their diabolical advance socialism of the 21st century that calls and it has its epicenter in Venezuela, has several Presidents earned for his purpose despite the fact that none of these leaders recognize the name that since Venezuela is magnified. It adepts countries or partners are: Iran, Libya, Syria, Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.

The great goal is to eliminate USA, they they call the Empire, but most of these countries although they are committed with the evil so-called socialism of the 21st century, are dear friends of that Empire and that they serve as public calls for the yankees. These countries do not see with good eyes to Novel Obama because they believe that their fight has declined to recognize the prestigious Committee of the Novel to President Obama as the maximum world leader. A question that never made with another President of that so struck Empire.