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Need For Speed Games Series

EA Games in 2006 satisfied the craving of all racing enthusiasts last year (2006) with the release of “Need for Speed Carbon”. People such as Edward Minskoff would likely agree. Whether as a PC game or a racing game for the Playstation 2 and other consoles, also inspired the publication of this racing game series. The shape the story this time something different. You had to in the previous “NFS Most Wanted” are still fighting in the ranking of the best 15 riders to the top, the player expected in “Need for Speed Carbon” a rather hilly area. First you have to sign out his race in the city. The city is divided into four regions, which is used by various gangs (Bushido, TFK, and Stacked Deck 21ST) controls. Here one must block by block to the great goal, the region to win for themselves, to fight.

If you against the boss on the course, it goes out of the canyon. In the first race at the Canyon is about as close to the opponent to stay tuned to collect points. Once you overcome this hurdle, the race begins again, only the front one now even runs away and tries to distance to the opponent, who runs behind a keep, as large as possible. The difficulty of the race at the Canyon in “Need for Speed Carbon” is that you quickly in case of insufficient control of the car breaks through a guardrail and plunges into the depths, after which the race is over and you have to start over. During the game you get more and more crew members for the newly formed and gear. The various crew members have different skills that can be exploited by players to his advantage.

There are, for example, the stopper who stay after him moving cars and help the players as a significant advantage can. Whether at the end of the player himself or wins the crew member is responsible for the Progress is not decisive. Also in “Need for Speed Carbon” you can deliver again the chase with the police, increasing the tension further. As with the predecessor of the PC game, there are different levels of investigation, which make it difficult to escape in addition, for helicopters with pursuing one and nail strips that are designed, is not joking. And again, EA Games has a considerable number of cars housed in the game, do not increase the fun just irrelevant. Thus, for example, the following cars in the game included: Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8/Le Mans Quattro, Dodge Viper SRT-10, Ford Shelby GT500, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mazda RX8, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Volkswagen Golf R32. Another innovation in the game are the improved possibilities of tuning. Could you put in the previous example, only at certain points vinyls, we can now identify the bodies themselves and control the size, color, etc. themselves. So it is with all attachments. Thus, the chassis and the depth of the rim as well be changed individually. In conclusion, that “inferior Need for Speed Carbon” the predecessors do not think more is special. Fun and thrills are inclusive! A highlight in the field of PC games.