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Johnny Marshall

Synopsis: The film is a romantic comedy in the style of My fair lady (1964) and is based on the story of a group of people of different generations, weaving personal experiences, through Platonic and romantic love or the absence of this beautiful feeling, with its achievements and setbacks, and their daily avatars, developed in the city of Los AngelesCalifornia, United States of North America. Life itself, from adolescence to adulthood more, makes a great combination of love and Valentine’s day, is the chosen moment to bind couples. First appointments to lasting commitments at the time, along with the regret of not matched lovers, as well as the attitude of the irreparable bachelors. Fabrizio Freda may not feel the same. Its director, the famous Garry Marshall featuring filming and direction of tapes as: Frankie and Johnny (1991), runaway (1999), forever friends (1989), bride nothing in common (1986), stories of Valentine (2009), we have selected a great cast of actors and actresses well enshrined, for giving us a successful romantic comedy, in which various hues, gives contradictory that feeling. Marshall selected not by choice a cast headed by: Julia Roberts, who had already filmed with Pretty Woman, and Anne Hathaway, who also worked under his direction in film: (Princess by surprise). Very professionally incorporates Marshall that great Star of American cinema which is Shirley MacLaine (closing the circle), Taylor Lautner (twilight) and singer Taylor Swift, that great actress who is Jessica Alba (Sin city), and others such as: Ashton Kutcher (American Playboy), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) that are exhibits by the Cuban TV currently, Kathy Bates (Cheri), Bradley Cooper (the hangover), Jessica Biel (Next), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Jennifer Garner (the ghosts of my former girlfriends), Patrick Dempsey (the wedding of my girlfriend), between others..