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Memory Poetry

It walked slowly, savoring the plot of its new stories, and of already written;it knew where it went. Its clear caution evoked a wise profile deliciously. Medullary writer of diocesan and close histories, suddenly spoke and to his voice era of thunder. Refugee in my delayed fires I devoured the pleasure more in one go to only listen to him for me. As great artist of the brief story was to me too generous and I able was not to remove the sufficient force from my own springs to offer something to him consistent in return. Neither waited for it demanded nor it.

Memory when it spoke to me of the interesting moments of the Spanish poetry, good, as it liked to clarify, to be exact, of the Hispanic poetry, the poetry that uses the Spanish language like vehicle of artistic expression. It said to me that although, for example, surpasses us to France in other cultural scopes, those moments of its personal literary zenith, ” the lyrical finery does not have comparison with the Hispanic, friend Yago”. It considered, also, that in Portugal was also being written very good poetry: ” He is cierto” , it said to me then – and it happens equal today, ” perhaps that this literary sort is not read too much and is because the poetry is exaggerated the use of its minority resources, reason why in numerous occasions and stages it has been constituted in elite culture. Nevertheless, it is possible to be verified that the town mobilizes itself when the poetry counts something, for that reason the romancero is the summit of lyrical espaola”. These and similar things we chatted in a friendly way as if outside most natural of the world, honest with the company of the eternal Antonio Pereira that knew so well to combine its enterprise organization with the letters, those by which really lived until the point, he travelling impenitente, to be attemped (when the custom existed to request the vital activity in the national identity document and hotels) to put poet like profession. Then yes, it professed that, the creation, the art of the narration and the poetry. Antonio Pereira, profession: POET. Besides writing, it liked ” still more; to have escrito”.

But he was continuous ” to count and seguir” and in the same way he was in person. Of rondn, doing Gallic of his cosmopolitismo, even cosmopolitismo diocesan (word that hallucinated to him), the adventurer of amiable histories, so many impregnated times of smooth eroticism, the untiring slowed down creator, disappeared as by enchantment, enchanted to live and to follow. Antonio Pereira follows alive in its Foundation, its books, teaching and the universal decency of the slightest, loving and provincial Literature that a day the readers will read with the new satisfaction who are born after the 2022. It follows alive and shaking from his present dimension.

By Dropping The University

Around 130,000 students leave each year the college career. Most take this decision to begin another degree, others choose to follow a different training and some are passed to the labour market. The main factors influencing this high drop-out rate are related to the academic profile of the student, choosing wrong titling and adverse contextual variables.They start but not just. A percentage higher increasingly of students enrolled in Spanish universities, between 30% and 50% according to the data of the Ministry of education, abandon their studies before winning the title. Before the imminent implementation of the European area of higher education (EEES) the next academic year 2010-2011, many academic institutions have been marked as a challenge reduce this high rate, clear indicator of the quality of the University system of our country.The statistical data suggest that the branches of knowledge with increased rates of abandonment are social and legal sciences and teachings techniques. Factors that investigations highlighted as causes of desertion in the Humanities area stand out are degrees with less restricted access, so that more students entering with a history academic less favourable than in other races. In addition, they are mostly, securities with a greater mass of students. However, the abandonment of technical courses and experimental is more associated to the academic failure of students when they initiate the teachings.Investigations carried out on the college dropout have focused on detecting the main causes that provoke, that universities put the means necessary to avoid, in so far as their powers, the high dropout rate. Context variables age beginning of studies or the formation of the parents are some of the variables that recur repeatedly in the explanation of the college dropout. This is confirmed by results from the students dropout prediction model study University, presented at the end of last year by a joint team from the universities of Granada and Jaen.Among the conclusions of this research, is that the majority of students who dropped out the race began his studies with more than 20 years.