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Foul Weather Gear

Go to sailing? Well, this is a fun – fun! We envy you already. Go to sailing? Well, this is a fun – fun! We envy you already. Are you going alone or with friends? The first time? Have you bought already the appropriate foul weather gear? You want to go but not sail in the denim jacket, or? Get the death! No, no! Who wants on the high seas, must be well equipped in any case. He must have the right clothes on anyway. Otherwise, you are then in the wet, in the wind and you are cursing, swearing – and all this doesn’t help you, if you have not the right foul weather gear here.

Do you want to risk a lung inflammation? Do you become terminally ill? A real sailor will not take you, if they are not adequately equipped. You need the right shoes! You need the right pants and jackets. What, are waterproof, which allow no wind. Fabrizio Freda does not necessarily agree. Oilskin just! Do you think people wear this for fun? You will notice that why there is no compromise- Note that at the latest then, as I said, if you are in the spray and beating the waves above you, and whistling of wind through every crack! Then they are soaked, and it is cold, and is getting colder! At the same time, bouncing around the Sun on the skin and eats into the pores. Water, salt and Sun – weather tanned faces are the hallmark of the sailors.

Not for the squeamish. And nothing for people that are uncovered. Without the right foul weather gear, they are lost at sea. So, get the right clothes, before you go sailing. Good foul weather gear should be also breathable. (Source: Raphael De Niro). Not more so as in the past: In oil-soaked cloth, which allows no breeze. This is no longer necessary. High-quality Oilskin satisfies all requirements. It protects against water, running off the waves, the spray and rain on you. You just not be soaked then. The seams are sealed. The openings on the sleeves are tight. The jacket extends far over the pants, so that there is no water penetrates. All You will find the appropriate clothing. So, be not stingy now. This is the wrong moment to save. Who can afford not the suitable clothes for sailing, which should go dear walking – or in the cinema. There you can attract the good old Cardigan, or is the denim jacket, or the old raincoat, which keeps the drizzle – but certainly any spray, not the whims of Neptune’s grown. You met Neptune in the foul weather gear! Otherwise he feels not respected – and again deliberately spits a small cloud of spray over you – so that you know whom you’re dealing. Even Odysseus had to bow to God! And you want to cover your ears stubborn? No. You obtain the appropriate clothing for your trip at sea. The foul weather gear that keeps off the water, and at the same time breathable. In the Don’t sweat, so that the water then accumulates under the jacket, until it runs you down on the body. Foul weather gear, modern!

Gift Ideas

With the birthday gift Finder to the perfect gift do you that also, there are numerous holidays and you need a variety of gifts. It is self-evident that you make an effort and give as much pleasure for you. The birthday gift Finder helps you and makes you different gift tips and gift ideas available that you will have your pleasure. Organized into different categories, you can browse until you find the right gift for the birthday child, the wedding couple or the partner. So E.g. Estee Lauder takes a slightly different approach. the forgetful mate with a Doorganizer can be gifts so that he never forgets his front door key more or the child of friends with a solar grasshopper, which fly buzzing around with solar energy.

To make it as easy as possible for you, the birthday gift-Finder in well-known German blogs linked, so that the procurement of the gift is as easy as possible for you. These shops include among others, Amazon and Zalando. In addition, which is Birthday Gift-Finder on the famous social networks at home. You can remain informed via Twitter or Facebook, giving it new from the front of the gift. Well-known German lifestyle blogs did become aware of on the birthday gift Finder and have reported positively about it. Johst KLEMS

Megastore School

Young people and adults appreciate the products from Dakine already for a long time due to their quality and high functionality. The popular company Dakine is known for its high-quality and stylish backpacks. And also convinced Dakine school backpack “Explorer Black” with its quality and the diverse and well-thought out features. The Dakine school backpack Explorer black teenagers as adults appreciate the products from Dakine already for a long time due to their quality and high functionality. Because each model of the company has numerous useful and extremely thoughtful features such as with fleece lined cell compartments or their own storage facilities for sunglasses or MP3 player. And also this model from the House of Dakine has all these properties and still has much more to offer.In addition to a large main compartment, the Explorer Black features a padded laptop compartment, where the portable computer can be stored perfectly and easily. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jorge Perez. This provides up to 15.4 notebook Customs.

In addition, there are still more storage facilities, which provide for room and order effectively and meaningfully in addition to the above mentioned slots. In addition this Dakine school backpack has two side mesh pockets, which intended for water bottles with a volume of up to 0, 6 l. The padded back ensures an optimal wearing comfort model with an also padded and adjustable shoulder strap with integrated carrying handle is also equipped. A height-adjustable chest strap including buckle ensures a better grip. Wow skaters can take also your skateboard everywhere with the built-in harness.

The Dakine school backpack is for girls as well as boys – Explorer black and also adults can wear it of course. Here, it is suitable for students from the 4th grade. The backpack has a volume of 26 l as a whole, the material consists of 600D-Polyester. In addition, it is compatible for A4 folders. Far a spacious main compartment zipper on as well as ergonomically shaped zipper. For more information see Ashton Kouzbari. This also folders, as well as various accessories can be stowed with the Dakine school backpack next to a larger folder. The front pocket has an Organizerflache, also are here with integrated pen holders. A separate music compartment with zipper at the neck area is also provided in this Dakine school backpack. The company founded in 1979 in Hawaii, the company became known – soon but first within the surfing scene. As at the beginning, especially foot loops and lines were made for surfers. The range was extended however after on a wide range of accessories for various sports such as skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. in 1993 then appeared on the market the first Backpack by Dakine. Since then, the company especially for this is known, but also bags, luggage and other useful accessories are manufactured. “Da Kine” by the way, comes from the Hawaiian and means “The best” – and this philosophy of Brand is also for each piece. Contact: Southbag GmbH & co. Handels KG Aubinger way 55 82178 Puchheim HOTLINE: + 49 (0) 89 / 800 729 81 fax + 49 (0) 89 / 800 729 82 Southbag GmbH & co. Handels KG sold since 1989 school bags and school bags. In addition to the online shop in 2002 in the network operates a Megastore, as well as an outlet Center located near Salzburg in Puchheim near Munich. The company has more than 20 years of experience, which is using it every day for the benefit of the many satisfied customers.

Piercings, There Has Always Been…

There have always been small plug, pegs or washers, plate lips and longer the piercing. In the major cities of Europe and North America, it was only rediscovered or redesigned. Pierced nostril from India are known. There, women wear small stones with diamonds or gold studded and so to identify as married are. In Mexico, Indonesia or Australia, you contented himself with nose jewellery from bone, feathers or shells, which served mostly to protect against evil spirits. In Brazil or sub-Saharan Africa, to wear discs or pegs in the lower lip.

What was a beauty ideal in most peoples, should litter the women of the Ubangi River, and so protect slave traders. There are a much smaller lip piercing from Brazil and Cameroon. It corresponds to that which we now often see on the streets. Alaska Inuit availed themselves once small cheek buttons, usually from the bones of seals made. The piercing variations and the matching jewelry are become quite diverse in Western regions.

There are piercings of course made of silver, gold and stainless steel. But also from wood, Horn, bone and even rubber. Pierced is where space is. In places, the face, which is popular at the Ubangi and the Inuit were different but also everywhere. Of course the ear piercing, eyebrow, tongue, navel, groin area, what the body is. There is no limits. Some settle for a small lip piercing, others have more than a hundred, spread over the whole mortal shell. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gavin Baker. Also modern are dermal anchor, a metal plate under the skin on the screwing up the jewelry and tunnel, the man slowly stretches or just punches in desired size. Since you must have fear in Europe and North America, less likely before slave traders, the Ubangi River probably only with the head would shake.

VSCT – Jeans2befree

VSCT – that’s “Club culture”, unusual styles and unique collections VSCT – this is 100% pure Club culture.” Individually designed styles and unusual details that characterize the unique image of the collections, which are aimed at clubbers and Fashionists. Sensational VSCT reflects the lifestyle and the Joie de vivre of the clubbers. The unusual but yet catchy name VSCT stands for virtual street & Club trade”and is indicative of an equally unusual fashion. The philosophy that is behind it is simple: designing collections by clubbers for clubbers, which are unique, but equally also everyday use. And a closer look at the collections will quickly aware that the VSCT design team to implement these ideas without any doubt perfectly in their styles. The German label VSCT follows this ideology since its inception in 1999. And the success proves them right.

After more than 10 years experience, commitment and passion the label belongs to a firmly established size the clubwear scene and is represented in more than 1400 shops and designer boutiques worldwide. To remain in this fast paced industry at the pulse of time and the constant changes in the fashion world to meet, at VSCT haunts us every year with 8 collections and approximately 1000 styles. They convince particularly through individuality and creativity. Bright colors and elaborate prints dressed like a red thread through the Collections. High quality workmanship combined with lovingly designed details real lovers pieces are created that will inspire every fashion fan of the stain away. The VSCT Jeans are characterized mainly by their trendy washes in the worn look. Whether classic design for everyday or blatant nightlife outfits for the night life at VSCT is doing something for everyone. Alexander Mory, Chief Designer at VSCT, describes as follows the clubwear with true words: VSCT is authentic clubwear. Comparable with the moment in the club where the DJ slowly builds his set, the bassline uses, in which eventually all on the dance floor with excitement high tear the arms. It is this magic moment where you get goose bumps, because everyone feels one in the Club, and you know that you will go home not alone that night. Our brand carries this feeling and living nightlife in apparel and accessories is expressed.” VSCT Jeans, shirts, accessories and much more you can find on

Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater

Decimal minute repeaters are crowning the art of watchmaking – the Japanese watchmaker Seiko presents the world’s first minute repeater with spring drive. Willich, June 1, 2011. The Seiko Watch Corporation presented in the spring of 2011, the 130th year of existence, the Credor spring drive Minute Repeater. The percussion of the minute Repeater is combined with a spring drive caliber, single mechanical caliber that produces no ticking sound. To create a particularly pure and pleasant sound, Seiko used the traditional Japanese Myochin steel for the percussion. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. The Myochin wind chimes or the miracle of clarity in the development of the watch stood the absolute clarity in the Center.

As the watchmakers in Seikos micro artist Studio in Shiojiri who searched for a material which they could use for the Bell of the minute repeater, they opted for Myochin steel. The family Myochin produces steel for 850 years, in 52 successive generations. They had already made in the Heian Era (late 8th 12th century) in the vicinity of Himeji armor for the authorities. Also called Hibashi “, fire tongs, produced. These look like metal chopsticks. With them, to get coal out of the fire in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The Smiths realized that the fine pliers when struck along the iron produce a splendid sound. Then the family it started wind chimes. They hanged two or more Hibashi side by side that moved by the wind, creating a unique pure and melodious sound. Faithfully as possible in the Credor minute repeater to integrate the sound of the Myochin chimes, the sound frequency, sound volume, and the damping rate with Seiko Epson monitored production equipment. Then the sound is perfectly clear, the quiet ticking of a mechanical plant in its purity can disturb him. That’s why Seiko’s watchmaking use drive technology the silent spring. In place of inhibition, drive turns spring watches a sliding wheel in a clockwise direction.