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Much has been said and probably have heard of campaigns for the preservation of the planet, or the famous phrase a Planet Green or what is the same green planet, in our case we shall call ecological houses, ie those that are built taking into account certain factors that traditional buildings are not taken into consideration, such as materials, energy saving source, location, construction etc. First you have to take into consideration the location of housing, to see if there are geological faults, underground water and so on., These are issues that ultimately may be the cause of deterioration in construction. The orientation of the house is also an important factor to consider, this approach is related to the sun, water, where sunlight enters the house is a way to save energy, so if the house has large windows where sunlight can get would be fabulous. Every day pollution large cities is growing, the planet seems to suffer more if we add to that noise pollution in large cities and how this affects us, it is time to start thinking about making buildings designed to save power and leverage we have. This pattern implies a very large change in personal, cultural, is to understand how certain materials can be substituted by other more natural. More information is housed here: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Spain is perhaps the country that currently has a high number of buildings of this type, given the climatic conditions allow it, it is only in Germany where climate conditions are strong, is the country with the largest number of these buildings. The so-called green houses, presented in the outside natural materials, which usually cover the front of the house, such as ceramics, wood, adobe, stone, brick, concrete, aluminum.

If it comes to saving energy and heating water must be controlled in its use, such devices are special pipes are installed to control unnecessary spending. The electricity is controlled by not using PVC cables, which are highly toxic and when any fire, painting the house is recommended to be made with natural ingredients are recommended not containing silicate, as they are more secure and can be washed. The idea with this type of construction is to create buildings that also maintain a high energy saving, easy to maintain, as with the buildings in the past where the cost of maintenance was low, and using energy sources that were partially natural phenomena such as gas and firewood. It primarily seeks to blend the modern with the conventional, but always in Pro from the comfort of those homes are also designed to comply with the minimum conditions of habitability with minimum energy consumption, be smart, healthy and self-regulating, where the use of natural sources is the first thing to consider, which also significantly reduce construction costs, and that the use of recycled materials permits.