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WaterPik Solution

Periodontal treatment revolves around the removal and control of dental plaque and restoring normal bacterial flora in periodontal pockets or sulcus. To achieve this goal as adjuvant therapy applied irrigation of periodontal pockets with different devices (irrigators) intended for administration of chemotherapeutic agents in these areas and suppression, thus microflora of supragingival and subgingival areas. Have been identified as the actual one rinse is not enough to effectively penetrate the solutions in periodontal pockets, but with supragingival irrigation with a syringe with needle demonstrated a partial solution to the penetration of periodontal pockets. It is reported that supragingival irrigation with irrigators (WaterPik Pocket, Teledyne WaterPik, Fort Collins, Co) solution penetrates to a depth of between 44% and 71% of the depth of the pocket. During subgingival irrigation with a syringe and needle with the introduction of it into his pocket achieves high efficiency of penetration of the solution in my pocket. Such a subgingival irrigation using machines, therefore, can provide excellent penetration of solutions into their pockets.

Designed a lot of hygiene products that help remove dental plaque and plaque from the supragingival and subgingival areas of the teeth. Among them are particularly interesting irrigators. They enable the doctor to the patient or irrigating solution of drugs directly into the depths of his pocket. Eakle at al. revealed infiltration of solutions for irrigation in periodontal pockets with irrigators in the 44-71% cases. With the help of subgingival irrigation had the opportunity to enter a medicinal solution directly into the periodontal pocket.

It has been revealed complete penetration of 90% of cases with a depth of the pockets of 1 to 3 mm in pockets medium (4 to 6 mm) deep. In deep pockets (7 mm or more) complete penetration of the solution was noted in 64% of cases. Subgingival irrigation of periodontal pockets with depths ranging from 1 to 6 mm with a WaterPik irrigator with a special tip for introducing the solution into the pockets showed high efficiency of the full irrigation of the root surface in 90% of cases. This is significantly higher than during the rinse, during which the total irrigation pocket is achieved only 21% of cases. Also notes the absence of the phenomena of discomfort in patients during irrigation, which suggests a slight irritation of periodontal tissue during the procedure.