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Control Grinding

Iron casting is the commonly cast iron craft products in iron casting process. As with its quality problem, it is noticeable. Angelo gordon gathered all the information. The wear part of ball mill generally uses the iron casting. The ball mill is widely used in mineral processing production line, cement production line and aerated concrete production line. The main task of a ball mill grinding raw material is small. However the rotating speed of the ball mill directamente determines the moving state of the grinding media and the effect in the cylinder grinding.

(a) When the ball mill rotates at a high speed, the ball will be “lifted” highly. After the ball is lifted to a certain height, it will separate from the barrel and falls along a parabolic trajectory in throwing working state. The ball will gain a great impact at the drop point. The ore is mainly ground by the impact, and the grinding efficiency is high. (b) When the ball mill rotates at a low speed, the ball of mill ball raised at a low height, the ball will roll down from the top of the ball charge because of its own gravity and presents a cascading state, at which time the impact force of the ball is very small but the grinding effect is evident. However, the ore is mainly ground by grinding and the grinding efficiency is not high.

(c) When the rotating speed of the ball mill exceeds a certain limit (speed is very high), the ball will rotate with the cylinder to rotate without falling in centrifugal running state. The ball will not gain any impact which means not grinding efficiency. And also we have to understand several factors impacting the ductile cast iron as the following: The first is the operation process. Formulate rational process operation procedures to improve the technical level of the workers and correctly take the procedure into practice. Control and check the quality of the casting in the manufacturing production. The second is to possess a reasonable casting process. That is, choose appropriate parting surface and modelling, making the core method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, take the mouth and pouring system and so on according to the structure of the ductile cast iron, the weight and sizeof wear parts, alloy casting properties and production conditions. To ensure that you get the high quality casting iron. The third is the quality of raw materials in the casting. If the quality of the raw materials such as metal burden, refractory material, fuel, flux, metamorphic agent, casting sand, sand binder, coating of the material and is substandard, the cast iron piece will produce pinhole porosity, slag, adhering sand and other defects. Which will influence the appearance quality and internal quality of ductile cast iron, or even make the ductile cast iron scrap. With the progress of industry and energy conservation and environmental protection, the request of the number of wear parts and the varieties will also expand unceasingly.

Design Knowledge

Although hammer crusher is a mature mining crushing equipment, for its design, we must not sloppy. The following is the knowledge introduction to the design and calculation of crusher s hammer and disc:? The design and calculation of hammer crusher STI hammerhead design mainly refers to the structural design. As the hammer head shape, quality, materials are very influential to the crusher production capacity, Especially the shape to the quality distribution, full use of the materials. As to the more detailed discussion on the hammerhead structure design and related improvements, you can see it in the topic. In short, hammer is the main working parts. Its Shape, structure design Han economy far-reaching effects to their work ability, the production capacity of the entire machine.

Hammerhead shape is generally divided into light, medium and heavy these three types. This model of hammer crusher refers to the medium-sized hammer design, and related calculations. The hammer crusher can also use the high manganese steel as its design materials. Hammerhead material selection problem is a very critical issue to improve its abrasion resistance. The choice of material depends on the working conditions and requirements of the working parts. Because the crusher always crush the limestone these medium hardness materials. People usually use high carbon steel to forge or cast.

adopt high manganese alloy steel, some coated with Carbide appearance is low. Some high chromium cast iron, its wear resistance is several times greater than the high manganese steel hammer. As to the choice of materials: you can see the part of topic-improve wear resistance hammerhead specialized exposition.we don t described in detail here, In short, hammerhead choice of materials is not only related to the working life of the hammer bit, the production capacity of the machine, production efficiency, and is also related to various aspects of economy. Structural design and calculation of the hammer crusher Each disc pin requires 8 hammers. If the disc is used suspension hammerhead, then it requires a total of nine discs, this depends on the design requirements. Two discs on the sides, the common feature is that one side is equipped with the locking nut, the other end is positioned by the shaft shoulder. The nut is used GB-812-85, so that each disc is evenly distributed six round hole, we can use 6 pin shaft to suspend hammerhead, The size of the disc depends on the diameter of the rotor, the size of the diameter of the rotor is the basis of the disc design size. Therefore, we can know the rotor diameter is 800 mm according to its model, the disc size value is in a certain range. the circular hole size is approximately equal to the hammer hole size. Vibrating feeder: Rotary kiln: