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Intermediary Sales

An insurance agent is a professional, tie physical or legal person to an insuring organization by a contract of insurance agency. When an insurance with several companies quotes, it is not rare to find very significant differences in the prices. This means that we can easily fall in the worse scene: high prices and evil service. Traditionally, great part of securing products is sold through agents or brokers of insurances that work by commission. Due to the structure of these commissions, and this force of sales that sometimes works exclusively for certain companies, to look for suitable alternatives and to find the policies that really adjust to our needs it makes a relatively difficult task. Nevertheless, in this space we will not fall in the trap to suggest our readers who buy their insurances without intermediaries. The secret consists of knowing how to choose to which it really offers added value to us: a true consultant’s office, without needing having at the hand a dictionary of insurances. – Intermediary – the banks: The products that they sell in a banking branch they have competitive costs but they are not cheaper.

Tellers or executives are offered by who do not have knowledge on insurances nor on our needs. They are not enabled to explain the characteristics of a policy nor the detail to us of the insured risks or excluded These civil servants they gain a commission by his sales, like the own institution (the bank) that lends its network of branches for the commercialization. The main advantage that offers the banks is the payment of premiums with automatic position at the expense of checks or credit card; as well as, the emission of the policy of immediate form in the own branch (only in certain institutions). However, or they exist in Mexico insuring that offers similar facilities (automatic position to any account or credit card, including the remote and immediate emission of the policy) through their force of sales, with the added value of the consultant’s office of insurance agents.