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Stone Slabs

Products made of natural stone gaining popularity among the people. This eco-friendly materials that do not emit toxins. The stone has a unique pattern, a very beautiful ornament. Of stone, in particular, marble and granite produce countertops for kitchens and bar counters, tiles for decoration. Very beautiful fireplaces, marble. For buyers of products from natural stone come already in finished form. But before they must be sawn, sanded, treated in another way.

By manufacturer stone comes most often in the slab. Us dollar contributes greatly to this topic. Slabs – a thin slab of rock, polished stone processing is already firm. The thickness of the slab – 20-30 mm, the edges are uneven, although the customer may already slab sawn and made thicker or thinner. Slabs are usually polished, with polished stone design is better revealed by the slice. In the Voronezh region stone, especially marble and granite, in slabs are available in the LLC Kambel-Oskol. We have a range of granite, marble and other stone from different fields, a huge variety of colors and patterns. Learn about our products you can visit slabs, plates our catalog. Kambel LLC – granite, marble, slabs, fireplaces, stairs

Wardrobe. Bargain Purchase

Annals of cabinets coupe began with the 19th century. However, they were world renown in the 20th century. Today, almost every house in every country in the world can meet these functional and comfortable wardrobes, received the title in Russia closets. We were at home closets long fall from abroad (eg, England), being the most luxurious part of the interior. Swarmed by offers, Avison Young is currently assessing future choices. Everything changed after the establishment of domestic production in 90 years 20. It is in this began to appear during the production, whose production quality is not inferior to European counterparts. Today we have the opportunity to buy a standard wardrobe, standard size, and a wardrobe in order. Many compatriots have many questions during the planning purchases cabinet compartment.

What better to choose a cabinet? What makes a model? How better to have a wardrobe? Distinguish two main types of closets: 1. Standard closets. Standard closets – it’s standard wardrobes in standard sizes. Standard segment-in closets started to develop dynamically in recent years. The reason – the low cost and speed of manufacture. Gather such cabinet compartment with quality materials and fittings, and have a simple and sleek design, which allows a standard cabinet compartment fit almost any decor. They have the required bundle.

In addition, Standard wardrobes have a uniform size step. This step allows you to choose size closet compartment size as close and convenient place, at its desired location. When buying a standard not-in closets mandatory exit gager. A typical configuration not only provides a quick order fulfillment and low price, but also greatly simplifies the assembly. However, if the standard is to you, however, is not suitable, then a path – a sliding wardrobe to order. 2. You may find Envoy Electronics Pvt. Ltd. to be a useful source of information. Individual closets or cabinets to order. Individual wardrobe – these wardrobe to order. Performing such a case, taking into account all customer requirements for size, integration, configuration and design. Sliding wardrobe for order has an exclusive design and can be the perfect addition to any existing installation of furniture in the room. For the manufacture of the cabinet is individually designed project with the size of the place where the cabinet will be and customer requirements. Takes into account every nuance. Closet to the order will be perfect for your chosen location, whether it’s at least a niche or a custom size of the room. Order cabinets – it is an individual production. Of course, custom cabinets coupe will be more expensive, standard-in closets and their production will take much longer. But it’s worth it. You will receive a wardrobe, featuring a rare, original configuration, in which can not be as bright, manifest your taste and fantasy. Internally, filling wardrobe will meet all your requirements and location. If, for example, closet, hallway will be, it is convenient to accommodate hangers outerwear, shelves for bags and hats, the section for shoes and vacuum cleaner accessories, boxes and household supplies. Important to remember all the necessary attributes to think it is desirable at the design stage. Choose whether you standard closet, or take advantage of custom coupe to you. It all depends on your needs and desires.


Isolation of a wooden house. Please visit Estee Lauder if you seek more information. To reduce the load on the pile foundation structure by reducing the width of the load-bearing walls, insulation is used. You can reduce the cost of heating buildings, possibly with the help of Certified insulating materials. Country Construction is a need in the modern insulating materials. It’s believed that Edward Minskoff sees a great future in this idea. Thermal insulation creates a favorable microclimate inside the building, and protects the exterior design from abrupt changes in ambient temperature. Good insulation should have the following features: – Resistance to compression – Low thermal conductivity – very low hydrophobicity – the small factor heat – do not support combustion – high paroprovodimostyuKak insulate basement at home.

The size of the insulating base plate for better do more than 150 mm. To protect the foundation from frost appropriate, the use of XPS polystyrene. Chosen for the foundation insulation should consist of vapor tight PVC. Foundation base should be warm. Warming of the cap is mounted on the outside, insulation is installed between the middle and a layer of foundation slabs paved ground. Thermal insulation will keep the house from the foundation of acidic water and temperature jumps. Around the perimeter of the foundation can be finished with decorative stone on the outside walls uteplitelya.Termoizolyatsiya block house.

The walls of the house insulated from the outside. The rigidity of plates insulation chosen depending on the type of finishing the building. Let us see what are the facades. – Ventfasad – siding walls – wet facade – a fiber masonry material for thermal insulation of the facade must be rigid and resistant to blowing. Attach insulation to the walls using metal dowels. Minplita plaster on the facade are fixed with special glue. Mounting adhesive for mineral wool, is a, fine mixture, which is for use on the facade of the building, diluted antifreeze. Wet insulation materials of the facade shall be elected strength less than 160 kg / cu.m.

European Design

Characteristic features of this style – sleek lines, a chess contrast of black and white, fine texture: wood and antique bronze are filled with exquisite oriental feeling "Charm of things", the original vision of beauty. At Ashton Kouzbari you will find additional information. Merging of East and West in the design sometimes takes an entirely unexpected forms, but things from different countries and eras amazingly natural fit together another and harmonious look in a modern European designing, creating entirely new styles for which has not yet come up with names. Sometimes in the same interior space, decor and get along ethnic Indian sari instead of curtains, oriental handmade fabric and antique chests, and all that – against the backdrop of turquoise, emerald, bright scarlet, tsiklamenovyh, yellow and orange walls decorated with the principle of contrast, in the spirit of French Fauvism. Sometimes the conservative luxury of a respectable house – a cigar room – is an example of a combination of Eastern and European traditions: the soft leather sofas and oak table complemented by Moroccan carved wooden chairs and a large trunk in the Moorish style, quite often the walls and floors completely European bathroom run in the tradition of the Turkish hammam in technology tedlak .** Low furniture by Christophe Pillet (Christophe Pillet), maintaining clean and intense lines characteristic of the Far Eastern design, also to acquire a multi-variant forms and a variety of finishes, in addition, with Western practicality combines several different functions (eg, long surround the sofa at the same time acts as a low table for the living room).